Christmas Time

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So here we go. Christmas 2008. I want to wish you all a very happy Christmas, and invite you to leave a comment concerning one of your most favorite memories from Christmas past or present.
Nancy and I will be attending the wedding of our friends Kevin and Michelle this weekend in southern Nova Scotia this weekend and we look forward to that. We'll be staying in Halifax one evening...should be fun. If you want any canned pop...send me an email.
The cat loves the Christmas tree; and he's left it mostly upright. Christmas memories below if you want.

One of my fav's is when I would get up early and go out to my stocking and see everything there. Christmas was pretty awesome; especially when you get a ton of Star Wars action figures in the early 80's. Rock, rock on!

The pic above is an outward expression of how my job sometimes makes me feel ;)


The Amazing Race - Dec 2nd

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The Amazing Race seems unusually righteous in it's 'natural selection' this year. Annoying teams are falling like flies, and the talkative father/daughter team are sure to be next!

I was so glad to see the Desperate Housewives eliminated last about annoying! I'm not too much into the show this year though. I think that The Amazing Race jumped the shark after the family edition.

I'm at work so this will be short...yet still very sweet!

The picture on the right is one of my lovely wife's. She's a photographer, and if you're looking for Christmas gifts, check out for great Island scenes and floral pictures!


Mikey really, really loves winter!

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A video of our bounding bear as he runs in the snow!


Our dog loves the snow...

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Hey, check out the slide show that's at the bottom of the polls as well!


Thursday - Friday Eve

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I love Thursdays for a few reasons:

1. The technicians at work are always in a good mood on Thursday, and that makes it easier to be at work.

2. I play basketball on Thursday nights....once a week. It is one of my life's passions, and it is a pleasure to indulge and move on the floor again. It's also nice to see the guys once a week.

3. 30 Rock is on, and I think it is one of the best written and fun comedies on the air right now.

4. The Office is on, and I think it is one of the best written and fun comedies on the air right now.

5. Tomorrow is Friday, and that's awesome.

This is a picture of Dave and Betty Ann, Nancy's parents. It's first thing in the AM, so some of us look a little 'unbrushed'. Mikey and Pekoe are making an appearance as well...


Caption Contest Entry #2

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"Ah man, here he goes again! Wonder how long it'll take the medics to
remove it from his lips this time?!"


Caption Contest Entry #1

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"Doomed! We're all doomed!"



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So we go to the polls to see what the people think on a multitude of topics. You had a week to submit your entries, and here is what the final tallies looked like:

Cologne 4 ----- Facebook 7 ----- Jeans 5 ----- Cook at Home 6 ----- The Donald 5
Natural 2 ----- Myspace 0 ----- Khakis 1 ----- Fast Food 7 --------- Rosie 0

Heroes 3 ----- Pancakes 3 ----- White Christmas 5 ----- KJV 2 ----- Great Job 2
Lost 3 ----- Waffles 3 ----- Green Christmas 1 ----- NIV 4 ----- Great Sex 4

Charles Bronson (my look alike) 4 ------- Lying 2
Barbara Bush 2 ----------------------------- Stealing 1
------------------------------------------------ Lust 1
------------------------------------------------ Gossip 0



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So, looking at the posts below where it has been evidenced that I don't look anything like any celebrities, what was the waitress thinking?

Truth be told, I had to try close to a dozen times at myheritage to get a male included as one of my celebrity look-a-likes. Apparently I look a lot like famous women. A lot of famous women. If I were of the fairer sex, I would be flattered of course, but that is not the case.

I am man; hear me roar...and maybe even pout a little over looking like a movie-flick-chick.

I love the poll option of the blogger template. Take the time to enter your votes as it gets me through the day when I can read and see what people think about the featured topics. In the future, I think I'll enjoy doing various polls for fun. I'm gonna work the poll like my stage name is 'Tiny Dancer'. Eeek! Too far...

Check out my cute dog and cat...they're great guys. If the dog's misbehaving, the cat walks over with a very 'drill sergeant' look on his face and smacks the dog around until he settles. He thinks he's people. Someday I'm going to get one of his ass kickings on video and post it.


I'm a celebrity

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So a while ago, someone mistook me for a celebrity in a local restaurant. I decided to use technology to determine exactly which celebrities I look like. The above is the best that top flight facial recognition software could come up with...


In the guise that fooled the waitress...

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This is the head-ware that fooled a waitress into thinking I was a celebrity...


Your Funny Picture with Funny Caption Contest!

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Submit all entries to for your chance to win.

For inspiration check out my entry here:

Thumb sucking narcoleptic distance cyclists know that there is always the chance that they will fall asleep at the most inopportune times...and today, Danny lives the nightmare.



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I just read a friends blog where they had some sort of contest, and by entering they got a chance to win a prize. This intrigues me, and makes me wonder what kind of contest I could run - and what the prize could be.



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I have started reading The Journals of Jim Elliot. It was given to me by a friend many years ago, but for some reason it hasn't been until now that I finally picked it up to read it with a clear mind, ready to be taught instead of defending my own inadequacies throughout.
Should be an interesting read. Even in the first few entries I am reminded of a friend: Laura Mitchell. I hope that her fate is far better, yet no less glorifying to YAHWEH.

Jim Elliot's wife (Elizabeth) actually signed the book. Kind of cool to be connected like that to the person about whom I read.

Nancy is dressing up like a cowgirl for her work tomorrow. She looks great. I am lucky to be with such a great woman!

How's that for a random post?


Car for Sale : The New Bat-Mobile

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Nancy and I are looking to sell our car, so if you're interested...drop us a line. Well. A line of cash.

It is time for the Sunfire to have a new home. We need something a little bigger for now, and we're looking at a Toyota Matrix.
The Sunfire is just like the new 'bat mobile'. It's really cool, it's black, and it can totally help you fight crime.
Simply don your crime fighting outfit of choice, sit in your brand new to you Sunfire; and wait for the action to happen.

Work is going well. Not too much has been happening like the examples below, but that's a good thing. As fun as they are to remember, they suck to endure.

Nancy and I bought the game Singstar for the PS2. It's a bunch of fun with a group of people, and really breaks any ice in the room. Having Troy Barton sing Poison's "Every Rose Has It's Thorn", and Twisted Sister's "We're Not Gonna Take It", and me rocking Tina Turner can do that ;)

This a pic of my cat Pekoe and I (I'm rocking the Kevin Garnett jersey from Boston).


Customer Service Experiences - Part I

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Here are a few stories and experiences that I have had in customer service. Some of the names and responses have been made up due to memory gaps, or peoples rights having to be protected...mainly my own.

Number One:

: Car Dealership - Service Department Wednesday, 9:00am
Customer: Lexus owner
Scene: Walk in looking for service; and the service center is packed already with people who are there for their appointments.

Customer: Hi, I drive a Lexus, and I hear that you people will service it...

In my head: You people? The hell is that? You got something against the Welsh?
What I say: We sure do! (all smiles) How may I help you?

Customer: Yeah, I'm over my miles and I need an oil change today...can you do that for me right now? I need to be out of here by 9:30.

In my head: What are you blind? Look behind you...HOLY CRAP! There are a bunch of people here, and a board full of appointments; dipstick! Of course we can't do an oil change at the drop of a hat! Oooooh! I'm a Lexus owner, treat me like a king...take my car in right away! You have to, it's a Lexus and that makes me important...
What I say: Hmmm, let me check...(I'm gonna hit some keys so it appears that I am really looking) it looks like we're booked up for this morning. May I book an appointment for you so that we can guarantee your car will be done for you?

Customer: (Looking peeved and the fate of some big business deal rests on this oil change being done today) I really need to have this done, and I've got a meeting at there
any way you can get it in now?

In my head: You're right! I'm just stupid! Of course we can get it in, I just needed you to push me!
What I say: (Looking really sorry) Unfortunately no. There are cars in each bay at the moment (they made appointments), and they won't be done for at least 20 minutes yet, and your service would take at least 40 minutes ( and besides, there are three people who are waiting and ahead of you).

Customer: Fine, when can you get me in?

In my head: As far away from today as I can without you knowing I'm just trying to piss you off, and at the most inconvenient time. I hope your stocks fail and your business closes. I have no time for people who hate us Welsh...
What I say: (Head tilt to the left and an understanding nod) As soon as possible. (Head tilt to the right, sounding like I just found a perfect time) How does next Wednesday sound? 11:00? It's our first available appointment.....

This is a common ocurance. People with money waltz in and expect you to bend over backwards for them. Almost forgot, you can substitute 'rich Lexus owner' with 'out of town tourist' and the whole situation still works.

Number Two:

Setting: Building Supply Center - Flooring Department 3:05pm
Customer: Lady Customer who's eyelids won't close so they stay open - ALL THE WAY
Scene: Co-Worker is trying to wait on customer, I'm trying to make him loose it.

Sometimes situations arise where you just have to take advantage of an opportunity at the expense of a customer. This one time, the unblinking lady with huge eyes came in to the department and Kyle was helping her. Before we get into this, I need you to do an exercise. Get up, and go to a mirror. Open your eyes as wide as you can, and ask yourself (in the mirror) 'what can you show me in a berber carpet?"
Looks pretty serious, eh? Best thing is, she always had her head tilted back, so every question she asked looked like she was asking a doctor how long she had to live.

Step One - Surveying the Situation:

To really take advantage of this situation, there's little you can say that will not tip the customer off that you're mocking their physical appearance. Neither can you mimic their condition in front of them without getting a kick to the groin, or possibly fired when your supervisor sees you aping a customer with a physical condition or handicap. This situation calls for stealth.

Step Two - Positioning:

This is the most important part. Moving naturally by putting away stock, of just cleaning up a bit you have to position yourself in a place where you are directly facing your co-worker so you are clearly in their line of sight, but not visible to the customers he is waiting on.

Step Three - The Set Up:

Most casually you have to gain eye contact with your co-worker, and give them a half smile. This signifies that you recognize that there is a potentially humorous situation at hand, and implies that you will both have a laugh about it later. It also gets the co-worker distracted, and thinking about the humorous situation in front of him. This in turn will require effort (not too much, though) by the co-worker not to smile as his brain has begun working on funny things to say later. Now the co-worker is aware of you, and will soon look your way again soon. I don't know why we do this, but we do.

Step Four - The Payoff:

Now that your co-worker is comfortable with the 'funny' and thinking you're both in on something that will make for a great story to tell. it's time to pull the rug from out under his feet and make your move. It's integral that you do not meet their eye contact the first time they look your way. When they do, they are looking for confirmation that something was funny, but you don't want to meet that. You want the next one. He's going to look back soon, not wanting you to miss the funny thing that's happening (this could be anything the customer does that sets him off). It seems we can't stand the thought of someone missing something puts people in an excited state. This is what you've been waiting for. When you feel them looking at you again, you have to move fast. Look up at the co-worker with eyes wide open, holding them open even further with your fingers.

Step Five - The Getaway:

Not many people would have Kyle's control. He was listening to the customer in the middle of her sentence when I made my move, and immediately dropped his head smiling; showing incredible self control for not losing his stuff. This is when you jet. You have to get around a corner or out of sight, because as the customer is asking their question they are intently watching the co-worker for his response/reaction. They will know that his eyes broke contact for a second, and they he stifled a laugh; after which they will turn around to see what was so funny. This leads to bonus gag of them wondering what the heck he's laughing at.

Number Three:

Bonus customer service story - Rising above the situation:

Setting: A small 5 star Inn - 3:51am. The night shift on the Front Desk.
Customer: A gentleman who is a guest in the establishment, who has been drinking.
Scene: I am training a new employee who has been doing all of the work, I am halfway through a shift where I have been fighting against falling asleep. I'm in the back room playing Scrabble online.

Customer: Um, Hello?
In my head: Bug off! Unless you can give me a word using the letters G-H-A-A-A-Z-X.....
What I say: (coming around the corner...subconsciously noting that something isn't right) Yes, how may I be of assistance? (It was a fancy place, we used the word ' assistance' instead of 'help')

Customer: I was looking for a bathroom and locked myself out of my room, can you give me another key?
In my head: Moron. How can you lock yourself out of your room? I've got a bathroom in your room how can you......(This is where I notice that the man's not wearing a shirt. Our doors are locked, so I know he's not coming off the street)
What I say: Sure, what's your last name, and what is the room number? (Playing it cool)

Customer - Mr. Smith, room 102 (right around the corner. Strangely, he is holding a pillow in front of him against the counter. I notice also that there is a pillow missing from the couch over there...wait a second....THIS GUY'S NAKED!!!)
In my head: THIS GUY'S NAKED, HOLY CRAP!!!! What the heck is going on here???
What I say: Excellent sir, here's your key (handing him his new key, with a polite "I'm-not going-to-show-that-this-is-a-weird-ass-situation" smile on my face to play it cool).

Now the guy is just staring at me like I'm bothering him. Took me about a second to realize that I should get back to Scrabble so I wouldn't see him walk back to his room. I wanted to burn the pillow. The whole time, the trainee was in the kitchen cooking, not knowing a thing about what had just happened.

The guy was still a little drunk, left his room thinking he was going into the bathroom, and the door closed an auto locked before he could catch it. He was stuck standing stark naked in the lobby of the Inn, and had to walk over to get a key. I can just imagine being on the street looking in through the window seeing this bare-assed guy standing at the front desk in the lobby. Priceless. The picture at the top is the actual lobby this happened in, and the front desk is visible on the left...

I've got a ton of these folks...I'll post em as I remember them.

This post is simply satire.


It's been a while...

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Ugh. I know less about HTML than I do Scientology, so this outside template deal didn't work out. At least this is a different color. Hope you all like it. Here is a pic of my dog - Mikey. What a guy!

We got an Imac, so it has been fun learning how to use it. I'm looking into podcasts...I just have to find something to talk about.




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I'm tired of the look of the blog so I am trying new things to spruce it up. Site will be under construction for a while.


Wicked Awesome

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You may have noticed that we're not posting the answers to Trivial Tuesday anymore; the reason being that more people can play backdated TT's starting any time. Search for Trivial Tuesday in the labels at the bottom of the blog to link to all of the past Trivial Tuesdays.



Trivial Tuesday: Christmas Edition

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What is one thing that unites most Canadians when looking back upon their childhood? No, not beer. Or moose. Nor, is it maple syrup poured hot into the snow for a delicious treat. I never had that.
It's the Sears Christmas Wish Book silly! Since I was a greedy little bugger, I'm sure I spent more hours pouring over this book than I did any of my scholastic text books. The sheer glossy joy of flipping page after page of the nation's most desirable toys neatly displayed in a separate boy section, and the less cool girl section.
Everyone had 'the toy' that they would desire year after year regardless of it's price, or utter unrealistic promise of fun. For me, it was Power Wheels and those remote control race car tracks that had the loop-de-loops and could run up your wall. Wow.
In premature celebration of this holiday and book, this Trivial Tuesday will be ripped right from the pages of the most celebrated catalogue in Canadian childhood history. Good luck!

1. How many little buggers are there on the cover?

2. How many VHS players are there for sale in the catalogue?

3. On the GPS device, how many more hours until they arrive at their destination (the one with the 3.5" screen)

4. Who is the most called man in the Sears catalogue? What's his number?

5. What are Hal and Joanne standing beside?

6. What is the most disturbing doll in the catalogue (in the whole "why would me kid care" category).

7. Which page has the most ducks on it? How many?

8. How much does the bad-assed Gaugho power wheels type vehicle cost? Would you be crazy to spend that on a kid for Christmas (there is a right answer)?

9. Who is having the most fun on page 951?

10. What is the scale of the big A/C road race set?

Good luck, and happy shopping!

There's a bonus Trivial Tuesday below! Also, say 'hi' to Kenneth the page from NBC's '30 Rock' on Thursday nights.


Trivial Tuesday Bonus Edition!

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What is it about me that can go without posting for so long. What is it that becomes unattractive about it? Am I just so lazy that the thought of the thing causes me to move on to something else, something easier? I think so, and this is the self image I hold of myself. Lazy. So as an apology, here's a bonus Trivial Tuesday...about me.

Here's the questions to Trivial Tuesday: My Facebook/Bonus Edition (I know...seems lazy, but I think it's fun). If I'm not your friend yet...add me. I'm cool, and I don't shave my armpits or chest (I'm a dude).

1. How many Facebook friends do I have?

2. Which favorite show causes me to offer an open challenge to you, a Facebook reader?

3. How many Schrute Bucks have I been given?

4. How many continents have I ever been to?

5. What do I currently own in the FSX?

6. What am I rated the highest for in my 'Compare People' network? (Doesn't say much for the network...)

7. Who always wanted to go to Fenway?

8. Who thinks Boston isn't big enough for two green monsters?

9. What are the only six movies that I have given 5 out of 5 stars to?

10. Can you guess what was my least desirable super power in the super powers quiz?

There. Hope you know me better, and that you have learned something ;) Good luck, and watch out for shopping carts flying throughout parking lots...


Trivial Tuesday

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I was off on training out-of-province so the results from the last Trivial Tuesday, and this weeks Trivial Tuesday will all be up later on today (tonight).



Pakastani - Canadian Relations

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Brannigans Law has never shied away from sharing it's feelings about you, the reader. Rare is the finding of an inanimate website that actually has the ability to express its love to its readers, so I like to think of Brannigans Law as a diamond in the e-rough.
Looking at the potential of how a finding like this could affect the world is like looking into the eyes of a's seemingly limitless.
As the creator of Brannigans Law (the blog, not the law), I receive hundreds and hundreds of emails every week about how this web log has changed the lives of people all over the world:

"...if not for your blog, I'd still be eating fish...." Raoul, Brazil

"Reading your blog daily has cured my skin failure!" Mona, Cleveland Ohio

"Will you marry me? I've never been loved by a blog before....I can't go back!" Mo'Eisha, Brooklyn New York

".....something totally indiscernible....." Some guy from where I can only guess is Russia.

Many of you will be startled at this hard evidence of love received around the world, but I am not. The world has been hungering for PG rated e-love for years. Prior to this blog, the internet was a shallow pool of love with algae and lots of dead leaves; but with Brannigans Law, a vassal running deep, far, and wide of pure and clean goodness has finally come into existence!

The most moving thing yet that I have the Muslim coloured curtain is starting to come down. My first Pakastani visitor has seen Brannigans Law with their own two eye(s) (one could have been lost through sectarian violence).
In a country where the west is hated by some, the love that Brannigans Law has to offer....has been felt (according to my ewebcounter) for one whole second. It's a start.


The post that took twelve hours to write...

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Er...I haven't been posting too much lately.

Sorry. I was playing basketball last night, and had a pretty good night. Lately I've been ballooning in weight, so I figure I should haul my sorry ass out for some exercise (much to the woe of my knees) and start to lose the weight.
It's no coincidence that this weeks Trivial Tuesday was about fast food. Damn my laziness and damn the convenience of the fast food industry. I have grown fat suckling from the double-pattied-teat of the burger and fries joints of the world.
So basketball went awesome last night. I was rebounding a little, and I was moving well with and without the ball (for someone who hasn't played frequently for a while) and even running a bit ;)
Zach Stephens would have been impressed with my tenacity on the boards. He's the best rebounder I've ever played with or against - you should see him go. He's Charles Barkley: undersized, but incredibly well positioned to get the ball.
I hit a three to end one game, and it was a great feeling. I used to be a good shooter, but now I'm crap. I hope that with running and weights that I can bring myself down to a respectable 220lbs in the future. Wish me luck.

So, I started writing this post at work; around 11:00am this morning. It's now close to 11:00pm and I am getting ready for bed. Jason & Kristi Paulino were just here and it was awesome to see them again. We feel very connected to them in a kindred spirits kind of way. The kind of kindred
spirits that you only see every few months. We love seeing them, and enjoy the outlook on life that we as couples share.
We watched some episodes of the Office season three and talked for a while about things and stuff. Tomorrow, I hope to do the bulk of the work necessary for next week's big game I am running. Mike out.

Picture: Moon Knight and Spider Man...Finch is so awesome!


Trivial Tuesday - MmmmmmEdition

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For this edition of Trivial Tuesday, we will be investigating the item that is consumed by millions of people every day; fast food. This convenient and cheap meal does not come without a cost, and we'll be counting that cost today!
Some of these questions are basic math, and others are more....well...trivial. Good luck, and happy eating!

1. How much (according to Taco Bell) should ten of their Taco Supreme's topped with regular toppings weigh?

2. (#calories in the Carl Jr's Double Six Dollar Burger) x (number of oven roasted sandwiches available through Schlotzsky's Deli)= ?

3. (#calories in two servings of McDonalds hotcakes with becel and syrup) /(number of people killed in the Jack in the Box E-Coli outbreak in 1993)= ?

4. How many servings of medium Frosties could you fill from one tonne of Wendy's original chocolate frosty mix (all mixed up and already cold)?

5. Who is the founder of McDonalds Corporation? What was his job before getting into the restaurant business?

6. How much weight did Jared Fogle lose while on his 'Subway diet'?

7. Ugh...only six questions and I feel sick to my stomach...good luck!

8. Roughly how many calories does it take to make one pound of fat on our bodies?

9. How many hours would it take me (246lbs) to burn 31 pounds of fat away while running at 6mph; which is a comfortable speed for me? (Assuming that I'd have to burn the number of calories from question #8 to lose a pound.....just for fun).

10. How many calories are in 100 grams of crickets?


Virgin Mobile

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So Nancy and I now have a cell phone. We're with Virgin Mobile, and that makes us cool by association. I'm now one degree of separation from Richard Branson. Maybe we'll go for a flight sometime in one of his blimps or space ships.
Many of you will want to use me for your own devices (due to my new uber-famous business partner), and I invite that. 'Dick'; as I call him; and I are going to be close. I can feel it ;)
You can come to me for any of your large scale needs because I have won the business-partner lottery as it would seem. This guy (Dickie B) is an innovation machine, and I am sure that I will be able to secure funding for anything that I want to finance. Send all of your hair-brained ideas to

The weekend (even aside from this huge business development) was entertaining. We got the phone, bought The Office Season Three, looked at external hard drives, visited Nancy's cousin Brent his wife Jennifer and their three great kids, went to dinner with our friends, I installed a railing over a gaping hole in our entryway floor, cleaned the basement, and a bunch of other things. It was a good weekend.

Big game coming up on the 22nd of this month, if you're in the Charlottetown area. Email me if you're free and looking for something fun to do with friends. Teams of 3 searching the city for gold coins by solving clues and riddles. Team with the most gathered, wins! I'm organizing it, so you know it's gonna be good.

Hope everyone has a good week! Remember to play Trivial Tuesday. There's only today left for this weeks, but a new batch of questions come up tomorrow!



The Best of Ollie Williams

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Trivial Tuesday: Who said what now?

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Good job to all of you trivia buffs out there. All three of you. But what a three indeed! The cream of the crop, the best of the best; they all played!

So as a reward here is part II of Trivial Tuesday:

Finish the quotes from the famous people and any other information that is left blank. Remember, not using Google makes you cooler than if you had. But you're totally allowed to use Google. With these you may have to!

1. "An empty _______ is not a good political adviser." Albert ________.

"Our _______ and our ________ are inseparable, like force and matter. When they separate, man is no more." Nikola Tesla

"It is our _______... that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities." J. K. _______

"Neither a lofty degree of intelligence nor imagination nor both together go to the making of ______. Love, love, love, that is the soul of ______." W______
A_______ M______.

"As to marriage or celibacy, let a man take which course he will, he will be sure to ______." S_______

"You show people what you're willing to fight for when you fight your _______." ______ Clinton

"Show me a ____ and I'll write you a _______." F. Scott Fitzgerald

"I'm ______________ _______ provided I get my own way in the end."
Margaret Thatcher

" Those who know how to ___ are much more numerous than those who know how to make proper use of their _________." Polybius

"I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with _____, ______, and _________ has intended us to forgo their use." ________ ________

Good luck! Email your answers to mikecthomas(at) and don't post answers in the comments! Woo-hoo!


Happy Labour Day!

⊆ Monday, September 03, 2007 by Mike Thomas | ˜ 1 comments »'s here already, it almost seems too soon. I have good news. My good news is that it has been hovering around 16-19 degrees Celsius for a couple of days, and Mikey likey. Fall is my favorite time of year, and I think it's here early. Gone are the summer sweats, mowing the lawn every week, being too hot to cook, the summer sweats, and other things. Here (or soon to be here) is sweater weather, cool temperatures, the changing of the leaves, the time of year that basketball starts, and the BEST time for a single guy to meet a girl (all of the best girls love the fall).
Now, I'm not a single guy, but there are lots out there. Guys, I want you to remember this: I know who you are, and I've been putting the word out about you to all of the single girls. You want to know what single girls are looking for this time of year? A man who shaves who wears a nice sweater, a good pair of khakis, and dressy/casual shoes. Good luck with that, Brannigan's Law is looking out for you!
Girls: Keep an eye out for the guys dressed in the aforementioned garb, cause' they're keepers!

So, many of the important things of my life have happened to me in the fall. Personally I find myself more relaxed and centered at this time of year. The darkness of winter has been forgotten with it's bitter cold, the mess of the wet spring has dried up into the back of my mind, and summers warmth has abated but left me with a warm glow. Fall now awaits with it's gorgeous colours and earthy scents on the wind. This is Mike's time...this is Mike's time to shine ;)

I find creative thoughts come easily in the fall, as there is inspiration everywhere. It is the perfect time of year to let yourself get lost in a book, or to let daydreams and thoughts carry you far off the normal paths of life. So here's to fall; I hope we all enjoy it as much as a season can be enjoyed! Post some comments below if you share me sentiment about this season, and maybe let us know what it is about fall that you like the most.


Robot Chicken Star Wars

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Here are the top ten clips from the Robot Chicken Star Wars episode...


Eyebrow razing - The Big Green Machine!

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So I was shingling a roof yesterday with an uncle on his new home, and got a blister on my middle finger on my right hand. This makes typing interesting.

We were up there in 40 knot winds which made it cold and difficult. It was fun though, and usually cold and difficult do not equate to fun...but they did yesterday. I enjoy the work, but it's very hard on the body.
I was coming down with something which made me a little tired, and there is a lot of strain on the legs, back, and shoulders. Fun though.
So now I have a full on cold, and I'm pushing through that to post a blog message because the blog loves you, and when you're loved by someone, they're not supposed to be silent for days at a time., the one person that's reading's all for you!

This pic is from the Race About Charlottetown (we even got t-shirts), and Bri and I had to shave an eyebrow for it. It was a great day, and my congrats to the Kidney Foundation for pulling it off again this year under such difficult circumstances!

If you're on PEI and have two feet and a heartbeat, you should be in this race next year. It's official; Brannigan's Law is challenging you to a race next year!

Also, I have been getting 30-40 hits a day for, and thank you for looking! You can find a proper link on the right to if you want yo continue through, but remember to BOOKMARK Brannigan's Law as you will never regret it ever again!


Thursday August 23rd - Museum of Fine Arts

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Thursday we went to the Museum of Fine Arts and it was awesome! There was so much to see, and it was far beyond what we expected to find. This was the highlight of my trip. I love to see history up close, and to see so much from the Middle East & Egypt, Greece, and India was a true delight.
There were halls and halls of Asian artifacts. Indian Hindu artifacts, Japanese Samurai swords, daggers and beautifully decorated sword hilts (each as unique as the warrior himself), Vietnamese artifacts, African, Oceanic, Greek, Etruscan, and Egyptian mummies, jewelery and statues.
There were halls of ancient Roman works, and rooms relatively modern art from Monet, Picasso, Degas, and Rodin. Being able to touch these things that Pharaohs and Kings would have seen and touched hundreds or thousands of years ago felt special.
We stayed for four hours and still felt like we could have spent more time. We did though eventually move on to the Prudential Center for a nice view of the city...(by then we were pretty tired as you'll see below!).

Here are some videos and pictures of a bunch of the interesting things we saw. I have dozens of pictures, but I'll only post a representative few:

MFA from Peimike and Vimeo.

Here are a couple of pics:
Egyptian stuff...

Van Gogh pieces...

Nice dome...

Burial dress...

Greek Olympic discus and Olympic themed pottery...

Here is the footage from the Prudential center. After hanging out upstairs we went to the main level and went through the really upscale shops. In shorts and t-shirts :)

Prudential Center from Peimike and Vimeo.


The Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield!

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Wednesday we rented a sweet Pontiac G6 (we didn't have a choice when it comes to the vehicle)and drove the hour to Springfield which was west of Framingham.
Here we saw tons of stuff that was pretty cool from the NBA, College and the Olympics. We had some fun, and some McDonalds. There was an Adidas store in the complex and EVERYTHING was 50% awesome. I got a hoodie and a Raptors Chris Bosh jersey.

HOF One from Peimike and Vimeo.

This was a cool rebounding machine:

Rebounds from Peimike and Vimeo.

Proof that I can no longer jump...

No more hops from Peimike and Vimeo.


Aquarium wrapup - the intro is a few posts below...

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Aquarium wrapup from Peimike and Vimeo.

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Turtle from Peimike and Vimeo.


Shark, Ray, & Myrtle the Turtle

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Shark, Ray and Turtle from Peimike and Vimeo.


The Large Central Tank - New England Aquarium

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I know the intro is below the other sue me.

Tank1 from Peimike and Vimeo.

Tank2 from Peimike and Vimeo.

TANK3 from Peimike and Vimeo.


Age of Aquariums...

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Here's the intro from the fish sanctuary
aquarium intro from Peimike and Vimeo.


Tonight comes the rest of the videos!

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Tonight folks, the remaining days of the Boston trip will get their representation on Brannigan's Law.
I'll post the aquarium videos, the Hall of Fame pictures & videos, and from there we will see how far I get.
For now, continue to crack at Trivial Tuesday. You have until this Monday to get your answers in.

Here is a picture of something interesting that we found at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.


Trivial Tuesday - The Return

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In celebration of the return of Trivial Tuesday, and the return of Nancy and I to Canada, this weeks TT will feature Canadian and Bostonian Trivia. Here it goes, and have fun:

1. What hill is the Bunker Hill monument on in Boston?

2. What was Paul Revere's occupation (what he's known for...his trade)?

3. The Federal Reserve Bank in Boston notes it's circulatory bills with what letter at the beginning of what I can only call it's serial number?

4. What are the three Canadian cities with the highest population?

5. Who died first: Wolfe or Montcalm? What is the name of the battle they last fought in?

6. What am I?

I am located in Canada's Festival City, I'm open 72 hours per week (avg), I take up close to 48 city blocks, and I have sea lions inside of me.

7. Danny Ainge and Kevin McHale; each respective GM's for NBA franchises; just pulled off the biggest deal in the NBA offseason. It is though, easier to do business with friends, and these two know each other. In what season did these two both play championship basketball on the same team? Which team? BONUS: What other pro sport did one of these two play? What position?

8. How long is the 'Big Dig' in Boston? How Expensive? How long is the tunnel between England and France? How much did it cost to build?

9. Where was the U.S. officially 'born as a nation'? Canada?

10. Have Canadians ever burned down the White House?




Make sure to email 10 people about Brannigans Law Trivial Tuesday and Brannigans Law will love you twice as much, and give you good luck. If you don't email 10 friends...
oh, who am I kidding! Brannigans Law will always love you!



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I am having endless trouble uploading certain videos from the Aquarium, so this will be it for today. It is by far my favorite, and later I will do the rest of the videos about the large central tank in the aquarium with the sharks, turtles and other fish.


Aquarium - Tuesday

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Here are the last of the aquarium videos:

Myrtle the Turtle, she's 70-75 years old & 500 lbs!

And here's the wrap-up video for the morning:

Here are a few pictures from the day:


Science Center Intro

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Here we are on the north end of Boston at the Science Center. I think that this took place on Monday the 20th. It was pretty cool. There was a lot to see, and it would be amazing for kids, but it did feel a lot like the science center in Toronto that we went to on our honeymoon. There was a neat Naboo Fighter from Star Wars, and a few other things that were interesting. We had fish and chips there which were great, and reasonably priced at $7.50 per plate which is great for a restaurant in an attraction.


Science Center Part Deux - Monday?

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We went to the Museum of Science, and this was our first real day riding the subway and switching from one line to another. Oh yes...this video is sideways. Sorry. Below is the Naboo Fighter.


Fenway Part One

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Fenway Intro from Peimike and Vimeo.

This took place on Sunday August the 19th. Here's the first stop on our Boston sighs seeing excursion, and what a stop it was!!! It was a very cool day, and expensive!!!


Fenway Part Two

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Waiting in line from Peimike and Vimeo.

This was a neat experience. We were right behind six, forty-something year old (and older...)
guys who were talking about how they could climb the outside of the building to get in, instead of waiting. They were joking of course, and it was like watching excited eight year olds wait in line. Funny, and nice guys!


Fenway Part Three

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Great Seats! from Peimike and Vimeo.

Nice, eh? Wow, were we ever stoked to get these great seats with an ironic amount of leg room.


Fenway Part Four

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Fenway Wrapup from Peimike and Vimeo.

All in all it was a great day. Fenway was awesome and an excellent experience for our first day 'sightseeing' in Boston.



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I am in Boston until the 25th, thanks for reading and check out the archives while I am gone. We have videos of the sox game, the aquarium, and tons of stuff from Boston to post when we get back. Remember, even though we're on vacation, Brannigans Law still loves you!

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It's supposed to be me...but I think it looks nothing like me


My Wife....Nancy Simpson

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This is my wife Nancy as a Simpsons Character


Race About Charlottetown

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RankingTeamChallenges Completed
1The Calvary - 11310
2The Cheat Commandos - 11810
3At least we look like winner's - 12310
3Red Rocket - 13110
5The Last Crusaders - 11210

Above are the final standings from the Race About Charlottetown. I am a member of The Cheat Commandos. We rock. I just wanted to post this because you need to know how awesome The Cheat Commandos are.

Individual Challenge Winners Race About Charlottetown 2007

Challenge #11 – THREE LITTLE PIGS
Winner: The Cheat Commandos

So we win a prize. I'll let you all know what the prize is when we get it. I am the guy in the top right corner, and Brian is on my right, your left. We each shaved an eyebrow as a part of the race.



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So what? I'm a big fat liar. No posts about the 15 points, nor the trivia. We'll see what happens tonight.

This is Nancy with our trained parrot Godfrey. He speaks only German and is a terrible racist. Oh, Godfrey!



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I don't know what that last post was about...but we'll leave it to the archives to deal with. So, this week I go on a little trippy-trip with Nancy. Fun.
I'm happy my dear old friend Zachary Stephens is now reading Brannigans Law. Nothing can brighten up the bleak oil sands like reading 'the blog that loves you'.

So, I'm planning another good event for September like I did last weekend. It's a city wide game (cwg) where hundreds of gold coins are scattered about Charlottetown and your team has to gather the most by solving clues to obtain the coin locations. Last week it went really well, but later I'll post the 15 points for change that I came away with after the first effort.

Sweet Lord I dislike my job. I'm blogging my own business, and the phone keeps ringing, people want their cars, "I want an oil change", "I want an oil change", "I want an oil change".......

Now. Back to business. The game went off rather well, with all participants giving mostly good reviews. So...well done me. Now it's up to me to top the last event, a challenge I both relish...and mustard. Sign up. Sept 22, teams of 3 max.

I will be starting anew with Trivial Tuesdays, maybe even tonight. Seeing as I have deleted all of your previous scores, you're all starting from scratch. Tell your friends. Valtool's Box is a site that supports B'sL, and it's very good. He's awesome at trivia too. Go visit his site (link on the right) and then get pummeled by him in trivia.

Later. Tell your friends....Brannigans Law is back.

Picture above:

Student: "Uh...teacher..."

Teacher: "WHAT IS IT Jimmy? What is so important that you have to interrupt the spelling bee???"

Student: ".....Nothing."


To the Blog Readers of the World!

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I was thrilled to find out that you read this blog! Wow. I feel pretty darned special that you are taking the time to eyeball this diary of recorded personal thoughts and postings from the safe and private berth you call work or home. I'm thankful that you are sitting and reading these jottings alone, most likely in a dimly lit room, without me ever knowing who you are, or why you're here.

I don't have to know...I'm just glad you came.

And as you sit (most likely in your underwear) and look through my personal things online; without being bothered with the faintest thought of posting a comment (lest I know you were peeping); it warms my heart to think of the joy that this activity must bring you! Being able to peer into the life of someone who's a complete stranger, or an old friend from years back without the inconvenience of picking up the phone or looking at their face while uttering audible mutterings is something of a luxury held usually only for royalty!

You don't have to say anything my friend...I know how you feel, and that makes me very happy!

By all means, allow yourself to feel like some sort of king or lord who peers from their rooftop into the lives of the peasants or serfs below (much like David) making sure of their well being while never having to directly express care. What convenience! Or even like some sort of hero prowling the streets at night, looking through ground level windows into peoples homes to make sure they're 'safe'. You're looking out for me. I feel safe by your interest!
What a lucky duck I am that you get to feel so special from my little ole-blog!

There's no need to thank me fair visitor...your presence is all the thanks I need! Keep reading, and enjoy all that Brannigan's Law has to offer.

Remember...Brannigan's Law loves you!


Take Two...

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When it comes to blogging; put me in a book bag, throw me a harp, and call me rusty! It's been a while, but I am slowly but surely getting back into things. I can seeee many videos in my blogging future because it is way easier to talk than type.

Big thing going on tomorrow...should be good. Also this Saturday I am running my first big urban game in a long time. It's a new format that I plan on developing and chasing down to the last thread of fun it can provide. It's going to be awesome. There are so many people who 'might' play, but aren't going to. Their loss. No,'s their loss. It is going to be a blast!

By the way, you are awesome. Whoever you are, wherever you're awesome. best friend's a giraffe and a man who wears tights and plays a recorder keeps me against my will in his creepy castle....I'm rusty. Later!