The post that took twelve hours to write...

Er...I haven't been posting too much lately.

Sorry. I was playing basketball last night, and had a pretty good night. Lately I've been ballooning in weight, so I figure I should haul my sorry ass out for some exercise (much to the woe of my knees) and start to lose the weight.
It's no coincidence that this weeks Trivial Tuesday was about fast food. Damn my laziness and damn the convenience of the fast food industry. I have grown fat suckling from the double-pattied-teat of the burger and fries joints of the world.
So basketball went awesome last night. I was rebounding a little, and I was moving well with and without the ball (for someone who hasn't played frequently for a while) and even running a bit ;)
Zach Stephens would have been impressed with my tenacity on the boards. He's the best rebounder I've ever played with or against - you should see him go. He's Charles Barkley: undersized, but incredibly well positioned to get the ball.
I hit a three to end one game, and it was a great feeling. I used to be a good shooter, but now I'm crap. I hope that with running and weights that I can bring myself down to a respectable 220lbs in the future. Wish me luck.

So, I started writing this post at work; around 11:00am this morning. It's now close to 11:00pm and I am getting ready for bed. Jason & Kristi Paulino were just here and it was awesome to see them again. We feel very connected to them in a kindred spirits kind of way. The kind of kindred
spirits that you only see every few months. We love seeing them, and enjoy the outlook on life that we as couples share.
We watched some episodes of the Office season three and talked for a while about things and stuff. Tomorrow, I hope to do the bulk of the work necessary for next week's big game I am running. Mike out.

Picture: Moon Knight and Spider Man...Finch is so awesome!


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