Trivial Tuesday Bonus Edition!

What is it about me that can go without posting for so long. What is it that becomes unattractive about it? Am I just so lazy that the thought of the thing causes me to move on to something else, something easier? I think so, and this is the self image I hold of myself. Lazy. So as an apology, here's a bonus Trivial Tuesday...about me.

Here's the questions to Trivial Tuesday: My Facebook/Bonus Edition (I know...seems lazy, but I think it's fun). If I'm not your friend yet...add me. I'm cool, and I don't shave my armpits or chest (I'm a dude).

1. How many Facebook friends do I have?

2. Which favorite show causes me to offer an open challenge to you, a Facebook reader?

3. How many Schrute Bucks have I been given?

4. How many continents have I ever been to?

5. What do I currently own in the FSX?

6. What am I rated the highest for in my 'Compare People' network? (Doesn't say much for the network...)

7. Who always wanted to go to Fenway?

8. Who thinks Boston isn't big enough for two green monsters?

9. What are the only six movies that I have given 5 out of 5 stars to?

10. Can you guess what was my least desirable super power in the super powers quiz?

There. Hope you know me better, and that you have learned something ;) Good luck, and watch out for shopping carts flying throughout parking lots...


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