To the Blog Readers of the World!

I was thrilled to find out that you read this blog! Wow. I feel pretty darned special that you are taking the time to eyeball this diary of recorded personal thoughts and postings from the safe and private berth you call work or home. I'm thankful that you are sitting and reading these jottings alone, most likely in a dimly lit room, without me ever knowing who you are, or why you're here.

I don't have to know...I'm just glad you came.

And as you sit (most likely in your underwear) and look through my personal things online; without being bothered with the faintest thought of posting a comment (lest I know you were peeping); it warms my heart to think of the joy that this activity must bring you! Being able to peer into the life of someone who's a complete stranger, or an old friend from years back without the inconvenience of picking up the phone or looking at their face while uttering audible mutterings is something of a luxury held usually only for royalty!

You don't have to say anything my friend...I know how you feel, and that makes me very happy!

By all means, allow yourself to feel like some sort of king or lord who peers from their rooftop into the lives of the peasants or serfs below (much like David) making sure of their well being while never having to directly express care. What convenience! Or even like some sort of hero prowling the streets at night, looking through ground level windows into peoples homes to make sure they're 'safe'. You're looking out for me. I feel safe by your interest!
What a lucky duck I am that you get to feel so special from my little ole-blog!

There's no need to thank me fair visitor...your presence is all the thanks I need! Keep reading, and enjoy all that Brannigan's Law has to offer.

Remember...Brannigan's Law loves you!


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