It's supposed to be me...but I think it looks nothing like me


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  1. Michael - Lover of Amy Says:
    Since you have rejoined us in the blogosphere.... you are hereby tagged to answer the $50,000 question (no real money involved). Go to Valtool's Box (there is no link where you said there was in your earlier post BTW) at and enjoy.

    So what's with advertising games that are like 1000 miles or however many kilometers you metric system-loving Canucks use from Atlanta? Bring the trivia Boy!

    I once organized an all day scavenger hunt here in Atlanta with as many odd things as I could come up with. My list included either the Playboy or Penthouse with Madonna in it, a NY City subway token, a team members sibling (not already on the team), a garden hose, an overdue library book, a dog turd, our HS Principal's signature, a speeding ticket, and the best one, a hubcap from one of your enemy team's vehicles.