Race About Charlottetown

RankingTeamChallenges Completed
1The Calvary - 11310
2The Cheat Commandos - 11810
3At least we look like winner's - 12310
3Red Rocket - 13110
5The Last Crusaders - 11210

Above are the final standings from the Race About Charlottetown. I am a member of The Cheat Commandos. We rock. I just wanted to post this because you need to know how awesome The Cheat Commandos are.

Individual Challenge Winners Race About Charlottetown 2007

Challenge #11 – THREE LITTLE PIGS
Winner: The Cheat Commandos

So we win a prize. I'll let you all know what the prize is when we get it. I am the guy in the top right corner, and Brian is on my right, your left. We each shaved an eyebrow as a part of the race.


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