Eyebrow razing - The Big Green Machine!

So I was shingling a roof yesterday with an uncle on his new home, and got a blister on my middle finger on my right hand. This makes typing interesting.

We were up there in 40 knot winds which made it cold and difficult. It was fun though, and usually cold and difficult do not equate to fun...but they did yesterday. I enjoy the work, but it's very hard on the body.
I was coming down with something which made me a little tired, and there is a lot of strain on the legs, back, and shoulders. Fun though.
So now I have a full on cold, and I'm pushing through that to post a blog message because the blog loves you, and when you're loved by someone, they're not supposed to be silent for days at a time.
Remember...you, the one person that's reading this....it's all for you!

This pic is from the Race About Charlottetown (we even got t-shirts), and Bri and I had to shave an eyebrow for it. It was a great day, and my congrats to the Kidney Foundation for pulling it off again this year under such difficult circumstances!

If you're on PEI and have two feet and a heartbeat, you should be in this race next year. It's official; Brannigan's Law is challenging you to a race next year!

Also, I have been getting 30-40 hits a day for www.simpsoniseme.com, and thank you for looking! You can find a proper link on the right to www.simpsonizeme.com if you want yo continue through, but remember to BOOKMARK Brannigan's Law as you will never regret it ever again!


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