Happy Labour Day!

Wow...it's here already, it almost seems too soon. I have good news. My good news is that it has been hovering around 16-19 degrees Celsius for a couple of days, and Mikey likey. Fall is my favorite time of year, and I think it's here early. Gone are the summer sweats, mowing the lawn every week, being too hot to cook, the summer sweats, and other things. Here (or soon to be here) is sweater weather, cool temperatures, the changing of the leaves, the time of year that basketball starts, and the BEST time for a single guy to meet a girl (all of the best girls love the fall).
Now, I'm not a single guy, but there are lots out there. Guys, I want you to remember this: I know who you are, and I've been putting the word out about you to all of the single girls. You want to know what single girls are looking for this time of year? A man who shaves who wears a nice sweater, a good pair of khakis, and dressy/casual shoes. Good luck with that, Brannigan's Law is looking out for you!
Girls: Keep an eye out for the guys dressed in the aforementioned garb, cause' they're keepers!

So, many of the important things of my life have happened to me in the fall. Personally I find myself more relaxed and centered at this time of year. The darkness of winter has been forgotten with it's bitter cold, the mess of the wet spring has dried up into the back of my mind, and summers warmth has abated but left me with a warm glow. Fall now awaits with it's gorgeous colours and earthy scents on the wind. This is Mike's time...this is Mike's time to shine ;)

I find creative thoughts come easily in the fall, as there is inspiration everywhere. It is the perfect time of year to let yourself get lost in a book, or to let daydreams and thoughts carry you far off the normal paths of life. So here's to fall; I hope we all enjoy it as much as a season can be enjoyed! Post some comments below if you share me sentiment about this season, and maybe let us know what it is about fall that you like the most.


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  1. Laura Says:
    I agree, fall is an awesome time of year!! I love the smells of fall and the colours! There's just something about that burst of colour that soothes the soul!!