Pakastani - Canadian Relations

Brannigans Law has never shied away from sharing it's feelings about you, the reader. Rare is the finding of an inanimate website that actually has the ability to express its love to its readers, so I like to think of Brannigans Law as a diamond in the e-rough.
Looking at the potential of how a finding like this could affect the world is like looking into the eyes of a's seemingly limitless.
As the creator of Brannigans Law (the blog, not the law), I receive hundreds and hundreds of emails every week about how this web log has changed the lives of people all over the world:

"...if not for your blog, I'd still be eating fish...." Raoul, Brazil

"Reading your blog daily has cured my skin failure!" Mona, Cleveland Ohio

"Will you marry me? I've never been loved by a blog before....I can't go back!" Mo'Eisha, Brooklyn New York

".....something totally indiscernible....." Some guy from where I can only guess is Russia.

Many of you will be startled at this hard evidence of love received around the world, but I am not. The world has been hungering for PG rated e-love for years. Prior to this blog, the internet was a shallow pool of love with algae and lots of dead leaves; but with Brannigans Law, a vassal running deep, far, and wide of pure and clean goodness has finally come into existence!

The most moving thing yet that I have the Muslim coloured curtain is starting to come down. My first Pakastani visitor has seen Brannigans Law with their own two eye(s) (one could have been lost through sectarian violence).
In a country where the west is hated by some, the love that Brannigans Law has to offer....has been felt (according to my ewebcounter) for one whole second. It's a start.


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