Car for Sale : The New Bat-Mobile

Nancy and I are looking to sell our car, so if you're interested...drop us a line. Well. A line of cash.

It is time for the Sunfire to have a new home. We need something a little bigger for now, and we're looking at a Toyota Matrix.
The Sunfire is just like the new 'bat mobile'. It's really cool, it's black, and it can totally help you fight crime.
Simply don your crime fighting outfit of choice, sit in your brand new to you Sunfire; and wait for the action to happen.

Work is going well. Not too much has been happening like the examples below, but that's a good thing. As fun as they are to remember, they suck to endure.

Nancy and I bought the game Singstar for the PS2. It's a bunch of fun with a group of people, and really breaks any ice in the room. Having Troy Barton sing Poison's "Every Rose Has It's Thorn", and Twisted Sister's "We're Not Gonna Take It", and me rocking Tina Turner can do that ;)

This a pic of my cat Pekoe and I (I'm rocking the Kevin Garnett jersey from Boston).


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