I don't know what that last post was about...but we'll leave it to the archives to deal with. So, this week I go on a little trippy-trip with Nancy. Fun.
I'm happy my dear old friend Zachary Stephens is now reading Brannigans Law. Nothing can brighten up the bleak oil sands like reading 'the blog that loves you'.

So, I'm planning another good event for September like I did last weekend. It's a city wide game (cwg) where hundreds of gold coins are scattered about Charlottetown and your team has to gather the most by solving clues to obtain the coin locations. Last week it went really well, but later I'll post the 15 points for change that I came away with after the first effort.

Sweet Lord I dislike my job. I'm blogging my own business, and the phone keeps ringing, people want their cars, "I want an oil change", "I want an oil change", "I want an oil change".......

Now. Back to business. The game went off rather well, with all participants giving mostly good reviews. So...well done me. Now it's up to me to top the last event, a challenge I both relish...and mustard. Sign up. Sept 22, gamesbymike@gmail.com teams of 3 max.

I will be starting anew with Trivial Tuesdays, maybe even tonight. Seeing as I have deleted all of your previous scores, you're all starting from scratch. Tell your friends. Valtool's Box is a site that supports B'sL, and it's very good. He's awesome at trivia too. Go visit his site (link on the right) and then get pummeled by him in trivia.

Later. Tell your friends....Brannigans Law is back.

Picture above:

Student: "Uh...teacher..."

Teacher: "WHAT IS IT Jimmy? What is so important that you have to interrupt the spelling bee???"

Student: ".....Nothing."


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