Trivial Tuesday - MmmmmmEdition

For this edition of Trivial Tuesday, we will be investigating the item that is consumed by millions of people every day; fast food. This convenient and cheap meal does not come without a cost, and we'll be counting that cost today!
Some of these questions are basic math, and others are more....well...trivial. Good luck, and happy eating!

1. How much (according to Taco Bell) should ten of their Taco Supreme's topped with regular toppings weigh?

2. (#calories in the Carl Jr's Double Six Dollar Burger) x (number of oven roasted sandwiches available through Schlotzsky's Deli)= ?

3. (#calories in two servings of McDonalds hotcakes with becel and syrup) /(number of people killed in the Jack in the Box E-Coli outbreak in 1993)= ?

4. How many servings of medium Frosties could you fill from one tonne of Wendy's original chocolate frosty mix (all mixed up and already cold)?

5. Who is the founder of McDonalds Corporation? What was his job before getting into the restaurant business?

6. How much weight did Jared Fogle lose while on his 'Subway diet'?

7. Ugh...only six questions and I feel sick to my stomach...good luck!

8. Roughly how many calories does it take to make one pound of fat on our bodies?

9. How many hours would it take me (246lbs) to burn 31 pounds of fat away while running at 6mph; which is a comfortable speed for me? (Assuming that I'd have to burn the number of calories from question #8 to lose a pound.....just for fun).

10. How many calories are in 100 grams of crickets?


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