Wormless Wednesday - Your Comments?

This is an exercise we tried a few weeks ago 'here' where YOU leave a funny caption below based on the picture shown. Be creative, be fun, and be clean! Have a wonderful Wordless Wednesday!
Remember it's not too late to get in on Trivial Tuesdays. Follow the link to play! We play each week, so why don't you play? Well, as for the comments...

For Example:

"This is the danger of being a narcoleptic sleepwalker who would lose their head if it wasn't attached. Danny's mother would be searching for days..."


12 Responses to Wormless Wednesday - Your Comments?

  1. amy Says:
    " It started out a good day"
  2. Brian Says:
    Too many games to watch, not enough beer.
  3. Rebecca Says:
    The elephant misunderstood necking. He thought they said De-Necking. He's very sorry.
  4. Donna Says:
    "I wanted to lose weight, but not THIS much!"
  5. Nancy Says:
    Jill had sworn off buff, but idiotic jock types because she really thought brains were more important that hot bods....that was until she met her blind date Bill.
  6. Mike Thomas Says:
    This is a picture of an artists rendition of his own head done in wax. I found it on the BBC News site one week.
  7. Laura Says:
    Who needs to get ahead in life when you can just leave this in your living room?!
  8. Antonette Says:
    Wax or not, it's pretty freaky! LOL

    Take Care,
  9. Frances Says:
    Wild - I like the caption you gave as an example.
    Haven't a clue for a caption yet - it's going to come to me at 2 in the morning though - I know it.
    Thanks for visiting my WW.
    Waving at you from New York,
  10. TorAa Says:
    I think you'll wake up every 10 comments. LoL.
  11. Debbie Says:
    Is this what feeling detached from your body feels like??? It looks awful.

    Happy WW!
  12. Anonymous Says:
    Ok, who keeps leaving their heads in the living room? I'm tired of cleaning them up.