Wormless Wednesday - Part Deux...

Here is my squishy faced Mikey. Also known as Sugar Bear, Mikey Bear, Bear, Golden Bear, and Honey Bear.


7 Responses to Wormless Wednesday - Part Deux...

  1. Cats ~ Goats ~ Quotes Says:
    Beautiful pup!!
    Happy WW ^..^
  2. Rebecca Says:
    He's such a baby. I love it. Awwwwwwwwwww!!!!! I adore dogs.
  3. Skittles Says:
    I have a squishy faced Mikey, too.. but he's my husband LOL! (Yours might be cuter..)
  4. TeaMouse Says:
    What a lovable pooch!
  5. Firefly Says:
    He's not squishy-faced compared to Banjo. He's not squishy-faced at all! He's just cute. Thanks for visiting us this week! :)
  6. Anonymous Says:
    What a cutie!
  7. Stephanie Says:
    Must be nice to have a life of a dog - he looks so comfortable and at peace.