Wormless Wednesday: Your Turn!

This is all about you today! For this Wormless Wednesday, I want YOU to post a comment with a funny tag line for this picture....for example:

"A manic depressive with a flair for life, Danny was finally driven over the edge....with style."


4 Responses to Wormless Wednesday: Your Turn!

  1. Nancy Says:
    At this moment, Todd seriously regrets choosing "Bob's Discount Helicopter Drop" just to save a couple bucks.
  2. Kevin Says:
    "Wow - coach was right about the hang-time of these new skis. Wonder if I should open my eyes yet?"
  3. Kevin, again Says:
    "Oh crap - I hate it when the Matrix messes with my mind like this!"
  4. Anonymous Says:
    "Hey, you in the cross-walk! Yeah, I'm talking to you! I'm going to squish you like a bug!"