Thanks for visiting yesterday for Wordless Wednesday. I always appreciate the spike in traffic come Wednesday.

Well, last night I stayed up too late. We had a friend from Nova Scotia come for a visit (Hey Kevin!), and we were up playing Settlers (with The Great River piece) a couple of times, and watching LOST. Awesome episode! Hurley kicks butt at ping-pong, Sawyer appears to be human enough to interact with everyone, Locke is a total idiot again (blowing up yet another building), and also, we got a great look into the Dharma Initiative, the hostiles, and Saiyd's back story.
By far, I feel that Saiyd has the best and most intriguing back stories. Very cool character.

So, yet again there is a continuity error. I don't know what they want us to believe about the 'Others' prowess with weaponry. Earlier in the season, the Others couldn't put a bullet in the ocean while floating in a boat. Kate and Sawyer were running directly in front of them, and the shots were going wildly askew. Last night, the Russian seemed to be able to shoot, from close range. Maybe it's just guns they're inconsistent with...because they can take four people running in the middle of a field out with blow darts from like a hundred feet!
What Ms. Clue said to the guy in Russian was: "This is our chance to prove our marksmanship! Shoot me in the chest! Prove them wrong over at Brannigan's Law!!!"

I was so stoked to see all of those Dharma Initiative handbooks but knew right away that they would all end up burning. I mean, when have the writers given that much information for free? Check out the Official LOST Podcast, brought to you by Brannigan's Law!

This here's Dr. Evil. I mean the guy's a master with weapons. The Others should have gone to his" Dr.Evil's School for People Who Can't Shoot Good".


2 Responses to PEOPLE, YOU ROCK!

  1. Bex Says:
    I'm glad to hear that last night's LOST episode was good...I recorded it so I'll be watching it today! Love that show!
  2. Skittles Says:
    I watched Lost the first couple seasons.. then I got hooked on Idol which airs the same time. I lost Survivor, too.. same reason.

    I was here for WW yesterday but it sceered me lol :)