Long time no see...

Wow! How long has it been? Too long indeed. Yesterday was the Race About Charlottetown, which is a fund raiser for the Kidney Foundation on PEI. It was a blast. Brian and I crossed the finish line in 2nd place. Very good indeed!
I might have some very exciting news this week, so if there is anyone out there that actually still reads this, then you'll see it soon.
My very own game/race I have built for my friends starts in 6 days! I hope you're all ready!

Talk to you all later!



1 Response to Long time no see...

  1. Michael - Lover of Amy Says:
    I thought you were dead. Or maybe out and abooot on some Canadian Holiday.

    As for your comic book interests, rumblings are afoot that professional Wrestler Triple H is being sought to play the lead in a Thor movie (of course the legacy of Vincent D'Onofrio playing Thor in Adventures in Babysitting will be overwhelming).