New Avengers 31 Last Page

So I got my New Avengers Issue #31 a little fact 2 days before the issue hits the shelves. So here is the big news: Elektra is actually a Skrull, and on the last page Luke Cage & Jessica Jones' kid has got some gnarly skrull eyes going on.
So...Is Jessica a Skrull? Ooooooooooh? I dunno.

Echo snaps back to reality and kills 'Elektra' leaving the body of a dead skrull on the floor.

Wong and Jessica are back in NYC watching via Dr.Strange's magic and that's why they are in the issue at all. Wong saves Doc Strange. Go Wong.


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  1. Michael - Lover of Amy Says:
    Stand up Trivial Canuck! There is an old versus new debate over at Valtool's Box and RUSH is involved!