With the disappointment of my job looming large (like the ghost of the Notorious BIG lurking at an east coast IHOP), thoughts of education have started to dance in Nancy and my heads.
We sent away for our transcripts, and figure that all we need now is $100,000.00 so that we can each take 4-5 years off to each finish our education and get jobs we want. I would love to be a teacher (grades 3-6), and Nancy would like to be a nutritionist. There you go. So, let's see the impossible happen...that is if it's what God wants.
I'd teach history or phys ed, coach the basketball team, and love life. Woo-Hoo! How about a scholarship UPEI? I'm an old timer who's lookin' to get learned!

Also, if you would like to help make our edu-macational dreams come true, email me and let me know. Any rich sultans looking to invest their fathers wealth in a North American account before they lose it to some technicality......get in touch.


1 Response to School

  1. Michelle Says:
    Well Mike and nancy too, if i win a million or two dollars your educations will be the first on my list, ok second and third i have my own to worry about. Money sucks...but Mike I think you would make a fantastic teacher! And if nancy becomes a nutritionist send her my way I have a couple of pounds to lose. hehe