List of things.....

We were over at Marko and Laura's place on the weekend planning for our sketch comedy show we're looking to produce when they presented me with a list I had made years ago with things I would like to do before I they are, enjoy:

1. Pee into the Grand Canyon

2. See how long I can pull off pretending to be a nun in a convent (a la "Nuns on the Run" a movie).

3. Get a picture of me looking up the Statue of Liberty's robe.

4. Dress up as a Vulcan at a Star Trek convention.

5. Be an extra in a popular film with a part that people would notice and remember.

6. Be fitted for an authentic Spider-Man costume (red or black).

7. Rally an uprising of seniors to attack the skater population, and leave before the slaughter ensues.

8. Wedgie Rod Black.

9. Streak through a nudist colony.

10. Come up with a customer classification system (for retail employees).

11. Ride a Llama....while the llama's riding an ostrich, while the ostrich is on the back of a sea turtle...while the sea turtle is being carried by six Filipino men.

So there you goo....if you want to help me achieve any of these goals, or if you yourself share such goals, please comment below, or email me at mikecthomas(@)!!!

You'll notice that I have posted several times today in an attempt to give the people what they want....more Brannigan's Law! Sorry it's been so long!


2 Responses to List of things.....

  1. Brian Says:
    9. Streak through a nudist colony.

    Well, we're not exactly a nudist colony, but if you let me know when you're coming I can make sure to have my shirt off.
    And a blindfold on.
  2. Michael - Lover of Amy Says:
    Yeah, um, about #9, I believe no one would care as they would assume you are jogging.

    as for #6, go to and see if they have a link to their commericals. They have a new one running that MIGHT make you rethink this one.

    On a different note, let's hear it for FREE HOCKEY! Although I was really hoping the Sabres would win this double OT adventure. No team should be able to win on home ice as crappy as MSG.