My secret habit...

I have a secret habit that only a very few people knew about (until now). Ever since I was about thirteen, I have collected trading cards of all sorts. I have hockey, baseball, basketball, football, Pokemon (oh my goodness...), Star Trek, and comic book character cards of all descriptions.
This addiction(?) has no doubt cost me hundreds upon hundreds of dollars over the years, but also has provided me with a lot of fun too. But there's room to grow.

I first started when I would go to the Holmans'(sp?) mall in Charlottetown and visit the comic book store that was downstairs (where the pet store is now). I would look and get lost in the color and art of these beautiful cards. Of course, I have loved Spider-Man since I was a child, and the comics were a wonderful thing for me to look at. Funny enough, I never bought comics until about three years ago. Up until then, it was all about the cards.

Each card would have a picture of the character on the front and information about them on the back. I memorized it. I loved the scope of a story (or fictional world) that could house so many interesting, and even complex characters. I'm a large scale kind of guy imagination wise, and this stoked that fire!

I was also a Star Trek fan. They once sold a TCG (trading card game) using the Star Trek universe, and I was hooked. Bought them by the handful. There's nothing like opening a pack of cards. Well...maybe a fresh clean pad of paper, and a sharp pencil....they're pretty close in the awesomeness factor.
Thing is, that even after purchasing so many of these cards, I can truly say that I have never played a single game; for which the cards were made. I loved the characters, and ships, and imagery on the cards themselves.

So lately I have been purchasing the VS System of cards. It's a trading card game like the Star Trek one, and magic cards but it's characters are pulled straight from the pages of the Marvel Universe.

I'm a collector folks...not a weird kind of collector....but a collector all the same. Here is a card that I own, and the way this card looks sums up why I think they are so awesome. So there it is..I'm wearing it on my sleeve now...I'm a nerd.

By the way...I've never played a game of this either. If you want to learn, let me know. I know how to play, but never have. And don't worry if you don't have cards...I may have over a thousand!


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