twists and turns

I'm going to say right out loud that I have had a really good life. I'm not wealthy monetarily by North American standards, but we are not hurting either. I had a good home growing up, and an even better one with my wife. I have a dog who's crazy about me, a cat that lets me cuddle him, and freinds whom I cherish in my heart more than any of them would ever know.
The only thing I did not mention is my job. Now, it's not uncommon for people like me to gripe about our employment. By people like me, I mean the generally uneducated (no university degree) and those who feel they can never do exactly what they would like to do in life. If you're out there, it's a big boat, and we're all on the same one.
I have just accepted a new job with a car dealership in town as a service advisor. It's a good job, and I'm catching on quick. I feel like I am a big help, and my skills are being employed so that's not the big deal. The thing that I'm not happy about is that it has totally changed our lifestyle (which I loved). I was so happy with life at my job prior to this....we were off at 3:30pm (starting at 7am), we had time to go to the gym, we had long evenings together, and we were in a very, very nice routine. It was awesome. Thing is, I found a few things at work stressful, and thought that a change to this new job would make me happier.
The opposite seems to have happened. I like the work, but our life at home seems to be suffering. We haven't been to the gym in over a week, I haven't had time to draw/blog/write, and I don't get to see my wife and kids (dog & cat) nearly as much. There are some benefits, but I am not sure that they outweigh the unattractive things.
Anyway, it's been a bad week for me, thinking that I have made the worst call ever. You know, the call to make your family unhappy with life ;)
So Nancy and I were praying about it, and things got better. Mentally. I realized that it had been near two years since I had taken a concern to the Lord. So as we prayed, it was wonderful. The job could suck as much as it wanted in that moment, because for the first time in a LONG TIME, I actually felt peace regardless of my situation.
That being said, I'm not so concerned about the situation anymore. We have been praying, and we're going to see where it goes. I might call my old boss and ask him if there is still a place for me, or we might see if we can adjust to this new lifestyle and thrive. Regardless, a reminder not to be anxious, but to instead bring it to God who gives a peace that surpassed all understanding seems well worth it.

I'll 'fun blog' sooner that you may think. Talk to you later! Those that wait upon the Lord....


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