Folks, this is the eighth edition of Trivial Tuesday, and let's hear it for all of the participants! Woo-Hoo, thanks for playing! Now, I'm sure that you are all getting in early with Econostuds, because this is going to get big. You all will be able to say "Hey, I read Econostuds when it was on Brannigans Law..." when it gets really big. And you will get a free T-Shirt on that wonderful day by reminding me of this post, and telling me..."Hey Mike, remember that T-Shirt promise way back when?" And I'll say "Oh man, you're kidding me!" And I'll have to have T-Shirts made...Econostuds is below, so scroll down to look at #2!!!

Nuff' Said. Here's what you all came for! I hope you all brought your apatite!

1. When would an ancient Egyptian place his hand on an onion for purposes other than agricultural or culinary ones?

2. How many different animal shapes are in the “Animal Crackers” cookie zoo?

3. How many flower petals are stamped on an Oreo Cookie?

4. What kind of plant do we get cinnamon from? Which part of the plant?

5. What delicious fruit dish is famously ‘served’ up at Wimbledon every year?

6. What did E.T. get wrecked on in the movie? (Brand required in answer)

7. What percentage of peanut butter has to be peanuts...?

8. What fruit was named after a papal estate outside Rome?

9. What ‘essential’ vitamin(S) is/are NOT present in the white potato?

10. How many nuts is a child automatically allergic to if they are allergic to peanuts?

Good luck! Come back tomorrow for Wormless Wednesday!


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