And...BOOM goes the dynamite...Here's your first taste of Econostuds. I hope you like it! Take it with a grain of salt...I will get better at drawing, and with the humor. Special thanks to Marko Peric for walking me through Photoshop and helping make this happen! Click on the comic to view full size, then come back and leave me a comment on it! Constructive criticism and adulation are both accepted ;)


1 Response to Econostuds!

  1. Mike Thomas Says:
    I'll leave the first comment myself. It kind of sucks! I mean, it's not even funny. BUT, it was a good experiment on putting the thing together. I thought of this idea a day before drawing it, so I can't say that it was well thought out. I did need a way to introduce a couple of the characters, and the store itself. Again,if you were to take enough of 'a grain of salt' to deal with this, you'd have pretty high sodium! Thanks for your patience! It will get better...buzzers11