Hey folks, the blogging has been a little 'off' this week as I am training a new man here at work, and breaks are being used for other things. Brannigans Law still loves you, don't forget it.
I'll have a new Econostuds up tonight. Speaking of that, one wouldn't think that they could learn so much about something by only doing is a handful of times. In this case I have. I've already refining the process of creating the comics, and adding little things here and there. Big stuff in my eyes, but nothing real impressive to the other 6,999,999,999 other people in the world, I'm sure...

About the picture....have you ever had one of those days where everyone at work is looking at you funny...?

P.S. Make sure to check out my videos below, and VOTE on the poll! I need to know!


2 Responses to Thursday...

  1. Nancy Says:
    *LOL* I didn't even read your caption and started laughing at the pic. Look no further than the newscaster folks.....I believe we've got our man. *LOL* The resemblance, and even just the expression is perfect. Hillarious!
  2. Brian Says:
    I laughed pretty good at that picture. That's too perfect.