Wormless Wednesday...

The standards by which I live my life....


13 Responses to Wormless Wednesday...

  1. Pass The Torch Says:
    Love the poster. And LOVE your caption on my contest photo. Hilarious!
  2. jennyr Says:
    that is so true! did u take that photo? it is so well done!
  3. Mike Thomas Says:
    Heck no Jenny. I downloaded it all by myself though....
  4. Selena Kitt Says:

  5. Brian Says:
    That's a poster hanging in every boss's office. LOL
  6. Autofocused Says:
    It's worked for me! ;-)
  7. Bex Says:
    lol...that's one of the best "Motivational" posters I've seen.
  8. Donna Says:
    LOL. Happy WW.
  9. Amber Says:
    Wow. I'll just consider myself inspired....
  10. Frances Says:
    I so needed the laugh I got when I tuned into your WW!
    Thanks for visiting,
  11. L.L. Barkat Says:
    So, it seems there is such a thing as competent incompetence...
  12. Cyndi Says:
    ROFL! Reminds me of the Hubsters work stories. ;)
  13. Comedy + Says:
    Love it. Need one to hang in my place of work. I could just move it around to the appropriate office when warrented.