Wormless Wednesday

This is the famous Pekoe cat. This picture was taken by my wife at our old apartment. He loved to be in the sink, where he would drink his water from the tap.


8 Responses to Wormless Wednesday

  1. Lexa Roséan Says:
    ha ha that's a great pic!
  2. Skittles Says:
    He's such a cutie!!! Great photo :)
  3. Laura Says:
    I LOVE this picture of Pekoe!! Have any video of him and Mikey hanging out? ;)
  4. Mike Thomas Says:
    I'll try to find or take some of the both of them.
  5. amy Says:
    nice shot..love kitty photos
  6. Frances Says:
    Very creative capture - most just photograph 'em head-on.
    He seems quite cozy.
    Thanks for dropping by mine.
  7. Donna Says:
    What a great angle, catching him looking up like that.
  8. Biker Betty Says:
    Yes, very creative angle shot. How cute that he can drink from the tap. I've never heard of a cat that likes to hang out in sinks, lol. Great photo.