LOST - Hugo gets a Hugo

So, LOST last night saw Hurley get a car, and had special guest star(?) Cheech Marin mooch off of his son. Last night was pretty low on the probability factor (I can't believe I find any of LOST probable), especially the meteorite impact. Now I'm no meteorologist, but of all of the meteorite impacts I have personally been witness to, none of them could anyone have survived from 50 feet away. Collapsing fast food joints don't kill people.... meteorites kill people. That's a fact you can take to the bank.
Man I love Sawyer. Little House, Skeletor, and hooked on phonics. Awesome. Poor guy love's Kate, and from the look of the way he cradled that beer near the end, it seems that he's resolved to not pursue it. But seriously, who can win against a doctor/leader/surgeon in a race for a girl? Certainly not a porn stashing, possessive con artist. (Unless he 'cons' her into thinking he's a doctor....hmm)

Millions of pregnant women watched last night and threw objects at their television sets when they saw how skinny Sun still was while being 'pregnant'. It will be a good day for Circuit City and Best Buy.

So LOST was good. I'm glad that it was a lighter episode. Odd, eh? All of the 'lighter' episodes are about Hugo. Hmm.

Time for three things you didn't have to know about me:

1. Last night I had a nap before LOST because it was on so late. I work early so I needed sleep. My wife woke me up at 11:00pm to watch the show. She's great.

2. I weigh 241 lbs. I weighed 246 last week. Let's hope that my pants fit better over the next little while. I don't want to buy more. (I'm 6'4" so the weight is spread over a lot of acreage).

3. Follow this link to get #3.

*** So, what did you think about LOST? Don't just be a ghost floating through, share your thoughts with a comment below!***


2 Responses to LOST - Hugo gets a Hugo

  1. Laura Says:
    I enjoyed Lost. Thought the difference in Hurley from kid to adulthood a little out there. He looked quite dark skinned and dark eyed but not so much in adulthood. I loved the whole cheating the curse thing and getting the car to go. Also the english lesson by Sawyer was so very enlightening! :) Marko and I were wondering where people are finding more tarp to make shelters. Maybe there was a stash of the stuff in the hatch. Fun episode.
  2. Mike Thomas Says:
    Sure was. "You don't look fat in those pants..." Awesome Sawyer, awesome.
    Did you see the preview afterward? It looked pretty freaking sweet.