LOST is back baby! Wow, and what an episode that was!!! Kudos to the writers including Damon Lindelof, and Carlton Cuse. Speaking of these guys, check out this incredible interview at ew.com! There is also the ABC Official LOST Podcast that you can find here.

I think that Thursday will become LOST day on this blog. I'll post a few ideas, and things to get your mind going on all things LOST. This will be great...assuming that you like the show.

'LOST TIME'. This is the anagram that was mentioned in an interview with the LOST creative team that appeared in last night's episode via the name of the bioscience company that was recruiting her.

"Juliet was recruited under false pretenses to Mittelos Bioscience. Mittelos is an anagram for "Lost Time". Time can be lost, an interesting theory -- like when the sky turns purple. It will be interesting to see where the show goes with that.

Mittelos also reminds of Mittelwerk - he was the psychopath who usurped control of the Hanso Foundation for evil purposes in the Lost Experience game. Now Juliet's company is named for him." - - Some guy's Blog, Feb 07.

Very interesting. I think this is a lead into how the resolution of the show will come about. I read that we'll learn a lot more about the Hanso Foundation, DHARMA, and the rest in the next couple of years.

The EW article has a lot in it, so enjoy. Hopefully the LOST juices will be running through your brains!

TOMORROW: Look for the first pictures of my nephew Reeve, in his Brannigan's Law debut!


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