The Office

Well folks, last night gave me new inspiration for what a man can do with a tin of Altoids and a copy of Windows XP. Bravo Jim, bravo.

That had to be one of the most fun and clever openings that The Office has had, and I was laughing pretty hard 20 seconds into the show. Check out this other post to find a site where you can watch The Office online for free.
Now I realize that this is two postings in a row on TV shows but don't think me to be a couch potato! I went to the gym after work with my wife for an hour and a half or so, and also went to basketball for an hour last night. I had been pretty good about it before Christmas, and then an injury to my neck, and illness knocked me out of the loop until last week! I was inactive for 4 weeks due to my foolish neck alone!

Regardless....there are more important things to observe. One such thing is my wonderful new nephew Reeve, and another is his older brother Noah. Here are the promised pictures on the right! Thanks to my great sister for sending them my way!

That's me in the picture eating worms. Yum.


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