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Take a look at this article. The James Webb Telescope will be able to look farther into space than the Hubble, so it will see (sooner than anything before) the light from ages ago that screams toward Earth. Light that they say is billions of years old.
Now, both my apologetics and creation courses have nearly ten years of dust on them, but all the same I find this a little hard to believe. I realize that for me to definitively state that God created the Earth and universe 7,000 years ago carries no weight at all. I am not a scientist, and I was not there at creation, so how could I say for sure?
Thing is, I can't, and even that in itself is no surprise. This 'debate' has gone on for years and years, and in my mind won't be settled until every knee bows, and every tongue confesses. When it comes to that moment though, doubt will not have much air to breathe and will quickly die.

What is beyond argument is that we will see some wondrous elements of God's Creation. I love the pictures that the Hubble took of the Eagle Nebula, among other things.

Above is a picture of my wife and I at Peggy's Cove amongst rocks that may be billions of years old. Or, just thousands.


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