BAM! Read until the bottom, there's a fun offer...

There you go. I didn't want to post again until there was at least a little participaction from the readers. Nice to see a few people posting comments for the pictures; I'll do that every once in a while. I got the idea from Marko Peric, a cool dude who has a website. He used to update it quite a bit, but like garage bands, and sports teams his site seems to be another thing that life and family have gently pushed aside. It's still updated semi-regularly, and there is a mass amount of fantastic content to look through in the archives. Go there and check it out!
Nancy I think wins the gold medal with the helicopter line...pretty funny. All of them were good though. Special thanks to anonymous for visiting and posting.

Speaking of fantastic stuff, check this out, and this, and oh yeah this, and even this.

Man. I've got nothing today. I've been to the gym going two-a-days and basketball last night. I'm tired, and I haven't had much time to look at anything in the world except for a couple of TV shows. Heroes, LOST, and The Office.
No movement in the NBA yesterday with the trade deadline. I was hoping to see something big happen with some marquee players, but no such luck.

What's up people!!! No Trivial Tuesday participants yet, eh? Well, I hope over the weekend that I will get a few emails with answers so it's not a total bust. Think of the family fun it would be to gather all the aunts and uncles and do trivia together! WOW! Sounds like good times to me!

This next bitty is for the P.E.I. Canada crew, or friends abroad. Anyone interested in playing an Island Wide Game? Well, it's not actually Island Wide, but you will be out and moving about in vehicles, by foot, and; if unlucky; by air without a parachute. It's a brand new idea I'm wanting to try, and I'd need about 20-30 people to participate. If you think you'd be 'game' then let me know via email or a comment on this post, and let your friends know too. Tell them to email or post if they are interested. It's a game that will require cunning, tact, daring, and even a little good old fashioned willingness to do something completely out of the ordinary!


2 Responses to BAM! Read until the bottom, there's a fun offer...

  1. Nancy Says:
    I wanna play!! There might be some non-Prince Edward Islanders (ahem - Kevin) who might be interested in playing too. :)
  2. Nick Says:
    you know i'm in !!