Heroes Chapter Three: Villains

Heroes....it's back! Nancy and I admittedly did not watch the show last season, thus missed all of the drama, and hiatus due to the writers strike. Although we did rent season two a few weeks ago; watching it all; so it was all very fresh in our minds for last night's premier.
We enjoyed season two, but much like all of the other shows that had the 100 day break, it suffered in the continuity and quality of the writing.
That being said, we were still excited about this weeks premier! So let's get to it. There are a
few spoilers below in case you have not yet seen the episodes (it was a 2 hr premier).

All of our favorite's were back this season, and we
got to meet a few new cast members as well.

"It's all behind me now, like a long night after a bad taco." (Syler at Claire's house.)
Is that the worst line in TV history or what?
I thought it was a pretty awesome turn for the show to introduce the Arkum Asylum inmates escaping, I mean the Marvel Super Villain break out from The Raft, I mean, the bad guys escaping from section 5 of the company. Looks like it will be an interesting season/chapter.


1.) Ando's power looks awesome, how does he get it?
2.) What was on Suresh's back?

3.) Where did Maya's thick accent go?

4.) How does the speedster still move around when Hiro freezes time?

5.) Would you have opened the safe when you were specificially told not to by your dead father?

6.) Syler is a Petrelli?

I thought that the chase around the world between the speedster, and the time traveler was a really nice tough! It is nice to see a challenge for the noble and brave Hiro...a nemesis as he mentioned. Kind of like a speedy version of the Where in the World is the Carmen SanDiego?

Also, what's with Mrs. Petrelli's dream where everyone was dead, and the four baddies were staring all threatening at her?

Also, Blondie's character probably got cheers from half of the watching politicians and all celebs as she froze and shattered the annoying reporter/paparazzi type. Cool power!

Villains can make for great new characters, so I look forward to the rest of the season...


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