Ah...Autumn! My favourite time of year!

Is it evidence of decadence, or a reason for sadness when in the North American's plight it takes a new season of television series to brighten up their day? Maybe so, but am I ever excited about this fall!

Heroes started back up, The Office is on tomorrow, and 30 Rock starts next week. Now, sadness or not, I look forward to my weekly quotable lines that come from watching 30 Rock, the hilarity of Dwight Schrute, the foolishness of Michael Gary Scott, and the adventure and drama of Heroes, Lost, and now Fringe.

J.J. Abrams brain activity is the new cocaine. It's addictive, it gets you a little hyper, and your teeth hurt from it. This guy has had two hit series, he's involved in the Star Trek motion picture coming out, and now his latest co-effort is Fringe.

Having never really watched the X-Files, I cannot make the connection to Fringe that everyone else on the internet makes; but that is the common thread that you will find online. Most will say that it is a blend of the X-Files, and a few of several other shows ranging between The Twilight Zone, and Lamb Chop's Play Along.

All I know is that the first episode/pilot had me repeatedly looking over to my lovely wife stating "I really like this show!". It is a pseudo-science type series that deals with powerful evil organizations, and general weirdness.

How about this for a memorable line from the pilot episode: "Excellent then! Let's make some LSD."

Said by Dr. Walter Bishop, who at the beginning of the pilot was in a mental institution. Now back in the real world; Dr. Bishop is a valuable asset to the main the main character. Dr. Bishop's history of doing weird experiments for the government is why he's a valuable asset to the main character, Agent Olivia Dunham. As you'll read below, what happens in the initial scene of the show is what makes the crazy Dr. Bishop so handy to have around.

The episode started with an incident on an airplane where the passengers have their flesh melted, and after the plane auto-lands at Logan International the FBI takes interest (obviously...everyone's dead) and Dunham is an agent who's involved in the investigation. The flesh of all passengers seems to have been crystallized...see through...right to the bone. It was a pretty neat/gross looking special effect!

This kind of crazy line about the LSD fit right in believe it or not...but I won't ruin things for you. If you have not tuned in for Fringe, then I implore you to look for it online, or download it from a good torrent site.

" When will I learn? The answer to life's problems aren't at the bottom of a bottle, they're on TV!" : Homer Simpson


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