Les Grossman....Redemption, or Power Play?

I was meaning to post long before this. I wanted to wait until you all had a chance to see Tropic Thunder, and then I would ask you about what you thought regarding the role of Les Grossman, who Tom Cruise played in the film.

In my opinion he has redeemed himself; with this one role; from the Scientology crazy, the jumping up and down on Oprah's fine stage furnishings, and marrying that 'dog ugly' Katie Holmes.
Seeing that man dance that way was so self-irreverent that it bought the man enough credibility to be moved from the 'needs to be institutionalized' category, into the much acclaimed 'that guy's alright' category...

I suppose that the dancing wasn't the only quality that redeemed Mr. Cruise through this film; the absolute staggering volume of offensive and derogatory profanity that spewed from that hairy and balding 'giant-among-talent-agents', presented something of a dichotomy between this Tom Cruise, and the self righteous knob job that was on the Today Show patronizing Matt Lauer.

On that note, what's everyone's problem with Matt Lauer? He's great. He goes in there morning after morning, giving 110%.

Then again, maybe Tom Cruise is the megalomaniac that we all fear him to be. Maybe he's pulling a stunt like John McCain going on 'The Daily Show With John Stewart' to make himself seem more appealing and accessible to Joe and Jane Everyman, before misusing that newfound favor to somehow royally screw everyone over.

Who knows? Does it really matter anyway? If this guy really still is bananas, or if he's finally simmering down after all that crazy, how will it really effect any of us? All I know is that when he was dancing to his hip hop music, gold chains in tow....it was funny as all get out!!!

That's enough of that...the movie was great. Nancy and I had so much fun watching it, that we went twice. I can't believe that I haven't commented on the name Alpa Chino (it's so clever that you'd think Vince Vaughn had something to do with it), or the fact that Nick Nolte's not dead yet! Crazy!

On a different note, we are trying to sell our home. We have had it on the market for a while, and just this last weekend (since Thursday) we have shown it to 3 interested parties, all of whom have or are planning on returning for a second look. Here's to hoping.
This is all hinging on us getting the house that we had an offer in on. There is a slim sliver of a chance that we will get it, but who knows...one can't get their hopes up too far. Disappointment enjoys grabbing and snapping off hope that has gotten up too far...

That last statement make me so uncomfortable for some reason...

And here's something completely different. A crappy cam of Brian Fellows:


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