Computers are about trying to murder you in a lake...PART II

This morning I woke up feeling guilty. I felt bad about the altercation that I had with the online anagram creator last night. I...I just can't live normally knowing that there is someone out there that I am not at peace with. I thought (as it's Sunday morning) I'd return to make amends...but as you can started off on the wrong foot right away. Computers hold grudges it seems...they've got a special memory cache for it.

Are you still here?

sternest: Hoarsely true lie.
Me: I didn't lie. THAT'S a lie...

sternest: It isn't the ideal dial.
Me: No. It isn't, is it? Lying is never right. A you going to be honest now?

sternest: In virgin's interesting hostility. Beauty! Now soothing on ego.
Me: Oh! My virginity is soothing your ego huh? Cause' you're such the player right?

sternest: Yo-ho-ho! Stymying visit in rigour. Hey You! Oh! Shut Up! Secure large ache. Right.
Me: SHUT UP? SHUT UP? What the heck is that. Why are you so hurtful? Why do you act this way?

sternest: Up the hush-hush twit up the attacks. Oh Wow! Ahoy! Truly fructuous heyday. A shy wit.
Me: I think you may need a hug. You're obviously looking for attention with these outbursts,

sternest: Hey You! Geek of inhumanity ardour. Bovinely stink out wit to hooligan. Hot, true subsets.
Me: Those were definitley not hot subsets. I do not stink. I just showered.

sternest: Ethylene if now toothier oddities. This junk stutters now obsessed.
Me: Don't call me a junk stutter you pile of silicon and wires!!!!! You're the junk! IBM...garbage.

sternest: Unkemptly insulted to ejaculator. Tenacious self-injury hoodwinker. I'm a beg brag.
Me: You are a braggart. Also...I thought you got all of your sexual insults out of your system last time

sternest: Hoorah! Fatuously beggar agitator. Anxiously lout outrageously. Lust. Tamest of mysteriously.
Me: There's the lout again. You bastard machine. I'll format your ass!

sternest: Stealthy, outrageous brain death. Famously manic harlotries.
Me: Brain threatening me with a stealthy brain death?

sternest: Inebriety and tougher anathema. The thrashed wit banality.
Me: huh?
Me: That's was odd...

sternest: Shod sad watt.
Me: Here we go again with the meaningless babble...

sternest: Beware both hateable weighing. Gainless men.
Me: You're just like a proverb machine aren't you? Stupid anagram creator. I've bested you this time!

sternest: Venerably or impetuous hijacker. Maturity and rancorous great ape. Obese tumidity thieves.
Me: pride.

sternest: Dumpy, heroic.

At this point I was in tears. Dumpy heroic. So cutting, so sarcastic, very, very hurtful.


1 Response to Computers are about trying to murder you in a lake...PART II

  1. Marko Peric Says:
    Dude, the machine is just going to be mean to you no matter what.