Computers are about trying to murder you in a lake...

The following is a little altercation that I got into with an online anagram creator that works things you type into other words. Apparently hurtfully. The following is the 'conversation' that occurred between myself and the interweb computer thingy. Naturally, I started typing the first thing that came to mind:

ME: fart homer

COMPUTER: From hater.

ME: Really, that's the best you could come up with?

COMPUTER: Obtusely splutter headachy lout. I'm the cow.

ME: I've never been called a lout. I will destroy you!

COMPUTER: Well I Never! Ineducable volatile. Yours toyed.

ME: Mine toyed? You bastard! I'll blast your ass with an emp.

COMPUTER: Substantially bemoaned adroitly. Up wishy maestro.

ME: Oooooo! Call me maestro one more time, and I will not respond so politely! Got it

COMPUTER: O Dear Me! On a loose loo to a commoner. Insipiently molested to poor-will. Got it.

ME: You butt munching gorilla lover! What the hell kind of crazy English insult was that? Loose loo....

COMPUTER: Unlovably meriting rough-cut fool. Hence! Ghastly enthrall whiz kid. Is not hollowest as a lout.

ME: Resorting to molestation as well...that's low.

sternest: Now emotionless traitors gloat. Hell! Watts.

ME: What did I tell you about calling me a lout? I am not a traitor! I was vindicated in court!

COMPUTER: Now mutilated laughable docility. Wit as irrational automation. Conducted trivia.

ME: Well...that doesn't make sense at all.

COMPUTER: Keen mad, tattletale shallowness.

ME: You're spouting gibberish.

COMPUTER: Is youngish, grubbier poet.

ME: You're not even using proper sentence structure

COMPUTER: Sneering, opportune voyeur. Cuter erectness nut.

ME: Do you have access to my browser history? Um....I should get going...

COMPUTER: Beauty! Coward smooches voyeurism. Doggishly snootier thug.

ME: Uh...I take it all back...just don't post this anywhere...

COMPUTER: Adapt jauntiest skill bucktooth. Is wry heathen.

ME: Good bye now....please don't post the stuff about dogs, voyeurism, and erectness...

COMPUTER: Whoops! Sedate potent golden boy. Disfavor smudgy, bounteous fat. 'e's centres.

ME: Good bye

sternest: Do bogey.

ME: right...bye

COMPUTER: 'ey! Bright.

ME: byr

ME: i mean bye

COMPUTER: By meanie.

ME: damn it

COMPUTER: Dim ant.

ME: please, leave me alone now.

COMPUTER: Envelope on a lame weasel.

ME: These slurs are starting to hurt me...

COMPUTER: Horseshit! Mutterer strangulates.


COMPUTER: Oh Wow! Ha Ha! A twit to a heat rash.

ME: That's it...I'm calling the cops.

COMPUTER: Complaint's ethical tights.

ME: You're'll never hold up in court. Darn ethical tights ruining my case.

Never have I been given such a verbal lashing...the computers....they are becoming sentient!


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