The Mighty Ducks...and Police Horses!

These little guys were funny to watch. I like to think it was the coupling of my encouragement and their mothers direction that pushed them 'over the edge'...This was along the Reflecting Pool in between the WWII memorial and the Lincoln Monument.

Here we are at the impressive Lincoln Monument. I'm not a very good orator when it comes to these movies, but the sights are good...Inside the bookstore which is on the lower level of the monument I bought replacement batteries for my camera. I gave the woman a $5 bill for the $2 batteries, and she handed me a $20 and a $1 plus change. I couldn't keep it though...I gave it right back, and it really threw her that:

A: She accidentally gave out a $20 instead of a $1
B: That I gave it right back...

Here we are at the stables of the United States Park Police in the Washington D.C. National Mall area. Nancy loves horses, so it was a real treat for us to get to go in behind the DO NOT ENTER signs when the officer invited us in. We were craning our necks over the low fence to see the horses when he pulled in with his truck, he asked us if we were horse people (Nancy said 'yes!;), and he then invited us in to meet the horses!


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