Comic Day!

If you have not noticed, I am a fan of Marvel Comics. Occasionally I will post a neat picture, or movie review of Marvel fare, and today is one of those occasions.

Above is the cliffhanger image at the end of Marvel's Secret Invasion mini-series second issue that hit the bookshelves on May 7th. It shows the ''not-so-secret-anymore' invasion of an alien race who is trying to conquer Earth.
A bunch of these baddies may look pretty familiar to you as they were 'engineered' as 'super soldiers' with the powers of many of Earth's heroes and villains. Think you can guess who's who?

Also, Nancy and I gathered with a few friends to see Iron Man opening night last Friday. It was great. Robert Downe Jr was so good in it. He played the part perfectly! Likeably- He pulled it off. Play boy - He puled it off. Genius - He pulled it off. Again, I thought he was great!

The perfect casting award goes to the film not for Downey Jr, but instead Jeff Bridges. The baldness plus beard was awesome!

Bridges played Obadiah Stane, a big wig in Stark Corp, Tony Stark's multi-billion dollar business. (It wouldn't be a comic book movie without a multi-billion dollar business would it?)
The action was great, the story was good, and there were a few laughs to boot. It's good enough to make a grown man stop daydreaming about web slinging and wall crawling, and start dreaming about flying around in a mechanized suit of armor. Enjoy the movie folks!


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