Celebrity Sightings

Here at Charlottetown Toyota, we understand that we service some of the finest vehicles on the road. The 09' Lexus RX, the Toyota FJ, Solara, and the one 87 Toyota Camry that is still on the roads in PEI.
With such a high scale line of vehicles coming in and out, we are attune to seeing the occasional celebrity grace the halls of out building. Today was such a day.

Jeff Hutcheson was in today. THE Jeff Hutcheson, from CANADA A.M!

BAM! I'm one degree of separation from that doofus Seamus O'Regan, and no doubt one step closer to the evil Rod Black.

Needless to say, calming myself was not an option today! That's what it's like in the glorious and jet set life of the Toyota Service Advisor!

In all seriousness, Mr. Hutcheson was a first class guy, and extremely pleasant to serve!


1 Response to Celebrity Sightings

  1. Marko Peric Says:
    So what does Jeff Hutcheson, or JHizzle, as we might call him, actually drive? IMWTK.