Tis the Season!

It's the season for new birth, growth and life. None of this interests me all that much :)

What I am interested in is games. I like games. I make games. I play games. At the moment I am developing a board game, a couple of big urban games, and an 'alternate reality game' for my friends and other people alike.

Love it! This time of year, I can't stop my brain from racing from project to project. It's very fun, and it feels like there is a mountain of work to be done! When it is all finished, I'll let you know what is going on and where. It's sure to be fun.

We might see the return of Mafia: Elimination, or even Unfair Advantage. Surely you will see another edition of the Token Hunt, and maybe even a few other new ideas.

Hope this finds you well! Above is a picture of Mikey and I closing a deal in Victoria Park last weekend. It was in the business section of the Guardian last Saturday,



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