April First 2008....Ugh.....Snow.

I have often found myself wondering if I have been revealing enough about myself to you; the loyal reading public; through this loving web log. I then came to the realization that no; no I do not reveal enough of myself to you!
So here are a few videos sharing with you my earliest hours of April the 1st, 2008. You will observe the early morning rituals of yours truly, and practically feel like you were right there with me!
I am impressed with my camera work, especially on the second video...
Take time to spend 5 minutes of your life for the opportunity to share in 5 minutes of mine!

What drove me nuts was that in most of populated North America, spring had sprung and there were flowers, and grass, and leaves, and other signs of spring all around! In PEI though....in PEI we had a nice blanket of snow.
Granted it was gone by early afternoon, but it snowed nonetheless.
This is taking forever to post this first video!!! AAACK!!!
And now, part II:

Finally the guest stars have their time to shine! Mikey and Pekoe are waiting patiently for their breakfast, and for the first time on Brannigans Law, Pekoe can be heard!!!

Part III - The Feeding

April 1st Part III from Peimike on Vimeo.

Thanks for watching these. I hope that much of my early morning routine was made 'real' to you. Enjoy that feeling of knowing more about me.

Hope you all have a good day. Oh! Almost forgot. Nancy and I are going to Boston and Washington DC next month. Should be a lot of fun. I'm open to suggestions on restaurants, and entertainment while we are there (if you've been or know someone who has been there...).



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