Survey Says....!

My main supply of cupcakes over the past few years has been provided at parties where someone picks up a pack at the Superstore and brings them in. Most of the time I make a full cake instead of dividing it up into cups, so I hadn't had homemade cupcakes in a long time. Although the memory of their tastiness is vague, I am sure that they would have paled in comparison with the glorious cupcakes that Nancy made the other night.
For all of the hard work, it was worth it!

Here is a pic of a friend Troy riding a camel. Hope your trip continues to go well buddy!
I have some videos of the large amount of snow that fell last night as well as my morning routine that I will be posting possibly tonight or tomorrow. Tonight is the last meeting of the group that is watching the "Truth Project" videos. They have been very informative and interesting. I will be purchasing copies so as to run a group similar to the one we are participating in.



1 Response to Survey Says....!

  1. Marko Peric Says:
    Hey Mike, glad to hear the cupcakes were good. :)

    So what is this Truth Project of which you speak? Inquiring minds want to know.