Sweet, Sweet Action

Tonight my wife is doing something 'special' for me. It's something that happens only every few months (when she is in the mood for it), or on special occasions like a birthday or a major holiday... my wife is actually baking.
This is a big deal in the household, as it is very, very rare indeed! In fact; both of our pets look really concerned because the have never really seen Nancy act like this before.

"This is something Mike should be doing..." they are probably thinking in their little furry brains.

There is no doubting the magnitude of this day; it will be noted on the calendar; but it does come with its drawbacks. Due to the infrequent nature of this occurrence, Nancy understandably has some difficulties with the finer points more experienced bakers would take as common knowledge. Now she's not at the level of throwing a whole egg into the mix - shell and all, though she does lack the familiarity when it comes to some of the utensils used in making your basic batch of cupcakes.

These tools of the bakers trade are held in her hand as a scalpel would be in the hands of a freshman med student who is expected to perform an emergency tracheotomy on a choking victim at 20,000 ft in an airliner. In other words, not with the utmost of confidence...

Pushing her fears aside, she plows on. Blending and mixing, cracking and pouring her way to a batch of marble cupcakes, that will be eagerly enjoyed by those daring enough to suppress their most basic survival instincts for the reward of sweet cake and icing!

Upon informing my lovely wife that I am writing this post, on this topic, I was called a 'Dirty rotten punk' and a 'scoundrel'. Now....we were just at Jumbo Video this evening, so she must have seen the movie box for Steve Martin's "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" in the comedy section of the old releases, but I don't remember either of us walking through there....hmmm. Also, it was made very clear that I would be able to avail myself to none of the sweet cakes that she was producing tonight. This may or may not prove to be a mistake on my part...I'll wait and hear how much 'crunching' there is when she samples her own wares...

I'm off to enjoy the aroma of vanilla and chocolate...she just informed me that the new baking pans we bought tonight "Smell funny....like rubber burning..."...I'd really better go!!!


2 Responses to Sweet, Sweet Action

  1. Nancy Says:
    Funny. Very funny.
  2. Marko Peric Says:
    So were the cupcakes good?