Ring in the New Year! ....carefully.

Hello, and welcome to 2008. The year the hover-car will finally make it into mass production. 2008 sounds so futuristic, doesn't it? Face it, in 1993 when you thought of the year 2008 you would have imagined such wonderful and fantastic things would be invented making your everyday life easier. When you think of it....isn't that exactly what happened?
Hearken back to 1993.....and remember what life was like back then.

It was a simpler time back then...Brian Mulroney resigns, Belgium is no longer a Kingdom, David Koresh decides that this is a great year for a standoff, the world wide web is born, Fermat's last theorem was finally solved, and Elian Gonzales is born on December 6th (probably not birthed in a closet). Truly a remarkable year. We were still making mix tapes, reeling from the cartoon Hammerman the year earlier, and equating the Reebok Pump with rich kids.

So what would the 'doe-eyed-1993-version' of Mike Thomas think of the awe and wonderment of 2008 if he were mystically transported here? Well....first I'd look at me and say "We got fat."

After slapping me around for a little while (for my un-gracious response to being teleported across space and time), I'd settle me down and fill me in on all of the neat advances the years between 1993 and 2008 have brought.
Hybrid cars, Playstations, MP3's, Hillary Duff's surgical transformation from a mare into a human, The Foreman Grill, Lord of the Rings movies, and the fact that in my lifetime I actually get to have sex.

Before I ever would get a response from myself though, I would inevitably watch myself either melt into a pool of time-displaced teenage pulp, or explode in a supernova of acne and poor-coordination.

I am sure I would try to apologize to my dead self, but what can you do, and what did I expect? The years between 1993, and 2008 did not bring me a degree in quantum physics (or anything else for that matter). I should have been more careful when I stepped into that time portal back in the 90's. It's my own fault, really...

I am sure that Commander Data would have a great explanation for why either of those two things happened, but he's not here is he? All I know is that I won't try to do this again. Who really cares what a 1993 version of Mike Thomas thinks about today? Nobody cares about what the 2008 version of Mike Thomas has to say either....

Well this is just great. I've possibly melted/exploded my past self in another timeline but I'm still here now. Hopefully I haven't totally doomed 2008 with this little experiment...heck, I usually don't even make New Years resolutions for fear of them ruining the space time continuum and here I am buggering things up with parallel/mirror universes only 2 days into the new year. Ugh. Remember what happened that year I made all of the predictions? Yeah... now Marko and Laura, and Brian and Bonnie are dealing with kids, Nick, Bri, and I are stuck with mortgages and a bunch of other stuff.

I really should be a lot more careful this time of year. Above is a picture of me right after the whole time shift debacle.

Brannigans Law wishes you a Happy New Year, and hopes that you all had a very Merry Christmas!!!


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