Wormless Wednesday

Um...I like the bale of hay because....well, I like it cause it's round. And the picture's colorful too...


7 Responses to Wormless Wednesday

  1. Sue Says:
    Interesting photo! Happy WW .. :)
  2. Beckie Says:
    Technically, it's not a bale. Bales are rectangular~I've never heard what they call these. It's a great picture nevertheless!

    My humble offering is up on My Photo Blog.
  3. Danielle Says:
    I like this photograph. So much texture.
    Happy WW
  4. Cats ~ Goats ~ Quotes Says:
    My goats would love to have this right in the middle of their field!
    Happy WW :)
  5. petcampbell Says:
    Nice pic.. we baled about 6500
    of these round bales ( yes they are a bale)
    a yr in montana..
    I dont mind a bit living in paradise now..no snow.. no frozen twine..lol

    happy Wednesday!
  6. YellowRose Says:
    Cool pic, seen many of these when we lived in East Texas.

    Happy WW, mines up!
  7. Michelle Says:
    I like hay barels too!
    Happy WW!