Monday Blues...Turn to Red!

So, here we are at the beginning of another week. A short week due to Good Friday. awesome. A short week, my last day at a job (Wednesday), and a trip to Cape Breton to see Nancy's folks. Should be a good one.
This weekend, Nancy and I followed a bad routine. We work hard through the week at the gym, and come the weekend, we eat. We eat, we eat, we eat. We eat bad. I'm talking East Side Mario's, Burger King, and Tim Hortons bad. Why? I think that we're bored. Through the week we have such a structured schedule so it is easy to eat right...somehow it's easier...believe me. But, when the weekend comes with little to do, going 'out to eat' sounds like a little bit of fun. So eating becomes entertainment...uh oh! Therein lieth the danger.
So we're coming up with things to do on the weekend so we don't 'feel bored'. Now, I'm not saying to cram the weekend full of stuff, but lately I've been an advocate for sitting and watching TV. Whether it be working on Econostuds, or writing for me, or photography for Nanc, we'll have a few things to do that we enjoy so we're not just bumming around restaurants for a good time :)
Also, a Friday grocery run will help us have good foods in the house to keep us from running out to eat. a way I just told you that I didn't get any Econostuds or posting done last weekend...oops. We did though play a rockin' game of PIT over at Marko and Laura's with the Original Six (Malcolm, Jenny, Marko, Laura, Nancy, Myself) pit players. Good times.

We had some work done on the car this weekend's a picture of the Mechanic. I hate it when Nancy calls the mechanic 'cute' right in front of me...


1 Response to Monday Blues...Turn to Red!

  1. Matt Says:
    Eating bad, sitting and watching TV....I know the feeling.