Wormless Wednesday Part I

My wife took this one too. Visit her site here! Remember TRIVIAL TUESDAY this week! Email me your answers at mikecthomas(at)gmail.com!!!


5 Responses to Wormless Wednesday Part I

  1. guppyman Says:
    I want that in my yard!
  2. Beckie Says:
    I really like this one!Thanks for coming by My Photo Blog. The comments are on now...don't know what happened.
  3. Sweet Kitty Says:
    Really nice photos! Your wife is so talented!!!
    I do like your blog! Nice to meet someone of the same age. I'll definitely come back again!

    And - by the way: I know my blog is verrrry pink... But hey! I'm a Girl *g*!!!

  4. PJ Says:
    Loved the Photos, I did! Your wife has a great eye for the beautiful out there!
  5. Mike Thomas Says:
    You are all very kind! Thank you for visiting and commenting. Considering that my wife has such an eye for beauty; as her husband, I can feel pretty good about myself ;)