Musics - It's better than Russia!

I have been sampling new music for the last few days, and have found some songs that I really like, and you might as well.

One band called 'Travis' has a song called 'Sing'. I love it. Find it and hear it if you haven't already.

Also, 'Paralyzed' by 'Finger Eleven', you've most certainly heard it, but it's got a nice pace eh?

Anyway, the weekend's almost here so lets party down. Looking forward to heading to Malcolm's tonight to watch Bond. For those of you around the world who don't know who I am talking about, Malcolm is a friend. He's a scientist, and a nice cat to know. In fact, I know a lot of nice people. Shout out to Marko and Laura as well. PEACE! Also, mad love to Beaker! Can I get a 'WHAT, WHAT!!!"


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