I initially (and mistakenly) wrote Firday as my title to this post. Imagine that, an entire day devoted to our appreciation of the Fir Tree. Many would gather, looking to the Great Tree as the purifier of air, giver of home to the squirrels, and cones to the forest floor. There would be great celebration before we lit all of the trees on fire to celebrate their glory.

SO, now that we're past's Friday. Whee! I have received dozens of emails asking why Econostuds was not posted yesterday. This flatters me as well as scares me. There will be two posted tonight, as last evening there was an unforeseeable family emergence to attend. Where there was pizza and cake. Actually, they're not even my family, they're my wife's aunt, uncle, and cousins. They are wonderful people!

I plan on experimenting with video's and my blog this weekend. Also, look for a new poll on the left come tomorrow evening, and some other fun stuff. Usually I'm weak on the weekends for posting, but DON'T MISS OUT! THIS WEEKEND'S GOING TO BE A BRANNIGANS LAW WEEKEND!!!!!

The pic is of myself and the new nephew Reeve. What a guy! Looks like I'ma gonna' steal or eat the baby doesn't it?


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